Automotive Mechanic Resume Sample

Updated on: May 30, 2019

An automotive mechanic’s resume has to be informative. Hiring managers would want to know exactly what he or she can do.

Skills as an auto mechanic and experience must be highlighted. As important to emphasize is competencies and accomplishments.


Writing a typical resume for an automotive mechanic position will not work.

In fact, it might just backfire. So make sure that the one that you write says exactly what it is supposed to.

Placing information such as your knowledge of transmissions is important.

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Also, you must highlight that you know how to perform preventative maintenance on automobile engines.


A sample auto mechanic resume position is provided here for your reference:


Automotive Mechanic Resume Sample


Roger Pullman
120 Some Road 6th Street, Fredrick, MD27644
(000) 999-9999


• Extensive experience in diagnosing problems with automotive engines and offering well-placed solutions.
• Performed a 17-hour work process on a totaled car, as a result, converted it into a functioning kit car.
• Implemented preventative maintenance systems, hence, reduced vehicular breakdowns by 65%.
• Built a vehicle transmission in the record time of 5 hours.
• Trained 85 apprentices and newly hired mechanics, as part of their induction process.


– Preventative Maintenance
– Adjustments
– Repairs
– Troubleshooting
– Blueprints Comprehension
– Vehicle Examination
– Battery Service
– Hydraulics Schematics
– Fabrication
– Transmission Rebuilding
– Equipment Use
– Records Maintenance


Automotive Mechanic
Vehicle Solutions, Fredrick, MD | 6/2008 – Present

• Look through job orders to determine work processes that need to be performed.
• Inspect assigned vehicles in order to determine repair and maintenance requirements.
• Provide clients with information on procedures which need to be performed.
• Calculate and offer cost estimates.
• Install new ignition systems and replace transmissions.
• Recharge or replace batteries.
• Examine protective guards and loose bolts.
• Lubricate moving parts.
• Perform adjustments on automotive systems.
• Remove and rebuild transmissions.
• Perform preventative as well as regular maintenance on vehicular systems.
• Diagnose and repair hydraulic systems.
• Create and maintain records of offered services, and parts sold or used.

Automotive Mechanic Assistant
Toyota Inc., Fredrick, MD | 2/2001 – 5/2008

• Acquired tools and equipment required for each vehicle.
• Assisted in inspecting cars in order to determine problems.
• Cleaned and detailed vehicles once they had been repaired.
• Assisted in conducting routine and preventative maintenance.
• Maintained tools and equipment.

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Fredrick, MD

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