Automotive Technician Resume No Experience

Updated on: October 26, 2019

The best way to build an entry-level automotive technician resume is first to write a standard one and then customize it as per the needs of every employer.

In the beginning, maybe it will seem a bit challenging. However, once you are done with the standard resume, you will find it easy to craft the subsequent ones.


A plan is essential when writing an entry-level Automotive Technician resume. Let us give you a good plan:

  1. Prepare a standard (basic) resume.
  2. Research requirements of each Automotive Technician job that you intend to apply.
  3. Customize each resume following the needs of the employer.
  4. Add your Automotive Technician skills in your resume.

Remember that there are computerized systems out there that screen resumes before a human gets to them. Therefore, your resume needs to contain the keywords to pass both computer and human testing.

Here is an example of an entry level automotive technician’s resume for your reference:



Entry Level Automotive Technician Resume (No Experience)



Kevin Baron
28 Main Street, Renville, MN 33621
(000) 142-4212
[email protected]

 Automotive Technician

High-energy individual with extensive knowledge of performing diagnosis and repair tasks on a diverse range of automobiles. Hands-on experience in using a wide variety of machinery and tools for troubleshooting automotive problems.

• Demonstrated ability to diagnose malfunctions by using dedicated testing equipment
• Familiar with estimating repair and maintenance costs, based on knowledge of parts and industry labor
• Comprehensive understanding of using voltage and current meters to test spark plugs and ignitions
• Able to handle troubleshooting of electronic automobile brake systems


Lithia Auto Stores, Renville, MN | 1/2019 to 4/2019

• Assisted in performing checks on vehicles to determine the cause of the problem
• Provided support in performing general and preventative maintenance
• Documented cause of vehicular malfunctions and recommended appropriate repairs
• Handled tire replacements and rotations and fluid filling and checking
• Repaired defective ball joint suspensions and wheel bearings
• Tuned engines and assisted in installing, repairing and troubleshooting air conditioning and heating systems

Diploma: Automobile Engineering
CITY COLLEGE, Renville, MN – 2018

– Air conditioning
– Exhaust
– Suspensions
– Steering
– Brakes
– Tires and alignments

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