Motorcycle Mechanic Resume Objectives

Updated on: September 6, 2016

Beginning on the right foot means ending on the right one too. The beginning of your resume should be with a bang. The bang is what will determine if you are a successful candidate or not. A resume objective is written at the top of a resume for one reason only – to make a positive first impression. But beware – a resume objective can also backfire terribly, making your professional profile seem dark and boring.

The objective has a goal – get the reader to go through the rest of your resume. An interesting resume objective will lead you straight to the path of an interview. One that is old-style and boring will lead your resume to adorn the filing system of the company. Many employers do not bother reading the rest of the resume once they have scanned the objective. This could go both ways – they might think that the resume objective is enough to help them decide that you are interview-worthy; or they may feel that your resume isn’t worth much.

Be very careful when creating your objective as it has the capacity to make or break your interview / employment chances. Each resume objective that you write for every job application has to be spot on and unique. Here are some examples of objectives for a motorcycle mechanic resume:

Motorcycle Mechanic Resume Objectives

• Seeking a position as a Motorcycle Mechanic at The Motorcycle Den utilizing expertise into inspecting two and three wheelers to determine overall conditions, and suggesting possible maintenance or repair work.

• Looking for a Motorcycle Mechanic position at Moto Ventures Inc bringing expertise in examining vehicle frames, replacing worn or damaged mechanical parts and repairing non-engine components.

• Desire a Motorcycle Mechanic position with Delta Motorcycles. Offering exceptional expertise in performing repair and routine maintenance work on motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and ATVs.

• Technically-savvy and manually dexterous Motorcycle Mechanic seeking a position at Hall’s Motorsports applying technical skills in accurately repairing vehicles using advanced automotive diagnostic equipment, and providing technical guidance to clients.

• Customer-service oriented and mechanically strong Motorcycle Mechanic looking for a position at Motorcycle Care Services. Eager to apply skills in diagnosing and repairing both two and four stroke engines and performing both regular and preventative maintenance on two and three wheelers.

• Motorcycle Mechanic with over 5 years of relevant experience anticipating working for Wrench Moto. Offers demonstrated ability to diagnose and repair engine problems, handle frame straightening work and perform preventative maintenance according to manufacturer’s specifications.