Automotive Service Manager Resume Objectives

Updated on: September 18, 2015

Before you actually write an objective on your resume, ask yourself do I really need to write one? If the answer is yes, start by determining what purpose it will fill. Automotive Service Manager Resume objectives are typically used as ice breakers. They provide prospective employers with insight into what a candidate is all about – all in 15 seconds. It is through a resume objective that an employer can determine the worthiness (or lack thereof) of a candidate. If the objective is bubbly and spot on, the employer carries on reading the rest of the resume. If it is boring and predictable, its future is in the nearest file or bin!

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, where Automotive Service Manager resumes are concerned, the cover matters a whole lot more than you know! Employers are notoriously busy people, who have little time to go through the dozen or more resumes that they receive during the hunt for one employee. You need to give them the benefit of judging you by the first sentence that you have written. At your end, you need to make sure that the objective that you write, tells the reader all about you and how well-rounded you are for the job that you are applying for.

Since resume objectives encourage employers to read the rest of the resume with interest as well, they need to be eloquently written. Good syntax and grammar is imperative. This is how you can construct objectives for an automotive service manager resume:

Automotive Service Manager Resume Objectives

• Desire an Automotive Service Manager position at Morgan Automotive Group. Offering exceptional skills in directing and coordinating the activities of auto service personnel to ensure delivery of exceptional customer services.

• Looking for an Automotive Service Manager position with Tireman Auto Services Center using expertise in leading a professional and productive service team, who will meet company objectives by providing world class customer services.

• Seeking a position as Automotive Service Manager with Goodyear employing exceptional skills in identifying mechanical / maintenance problems in customers’ vehicles and providing correlating solutions through effective customer services and technical work processes.

• To work as an Automotive Service Manager with JM Family applying proficiency in liaising with maintenance and repair professionals to ensure that customers’ vehicles are properly serviced and in a time-efficient manner.

• To obtain an Automotive Service Manager position at Asbury Automotive group. Offers strong mechanical and technical aptitude and ability to ensure customer satisfaction, by putting in place well-construed maintenance and repair systems.