Autism Paraprofessional Resume Sample

Updated on: July 17, 2022

Understanding the parts of an Autism Paraprofessional resume is important before you embark on the journey to create one.

Whether it is your contact information, education, training, or experience, everything has to be in order.

Have to look at the autism paraprofessional resume sample below to get help in creating your resume.

Autism Paraprofessional Resume Example

Martha Hamilton
6-4454 Broadway Drive
Yonkers, NY 10101
(000) 251-9855
markhamil @ email . com


Patient, analytic, industrious, and confident.

Detail-oriented autism paraprofessional with 7+ years’ extensive experience in assisting students with their daily routines, across classroom activities. Competent in collecting data for behavioral and academic progress, interpreting behavioral and social cues and nuances, and supporting each student’s programs in a manner that will enable him to reach his or her fullest physical and emotional potential. Qualified to initiate and follow through with behavioral interventions, as designated by the lead teacher.

– Classroom Supervision
– Skills Reinforcement
– Safety Monitoring
– Student Assessment
– Documentation Support
– Crises Intervention

• Led a class of students with special needs for 5 days, in the absence of a lead teacher.
• Introduced the concept of utilizing activities to provide conceptual clarity to students with special needs.
• Saved a child from imminent harm by recognizing the danger in his surroundings and intervening just in time.
• Suggested implementation of advanced safety measures, which decreased chances of injuries.


Autism Paraprofessional
Center for Autism, Yonkers, NY
2018 – Present
• Monitor student behavior within the classroom as indicated in the IEP plan.
• Provide discrete trial instruction to assigned students in an individual and group setting.
• Assist the lead teacher in developing lesson plans according to the specification charted out in the school curriculum.
• Ensure that the classroom is safe and conducive to learning new concepts.
• Provide assistance to students by escorting them to and from services throughout the school.
• Offer verbal support to students to promote and direct their activities.
• Conduct student assessments and chart out causes of concern to ensure early intervention.
• Handle crisis situations by ensuring student safety and wellbeing in accordance with school protocols.

Teacher’s Assistant
St. Paul’s School, Yonkers, NY
2014 – 2018
• Assisted the lead teacher in creating and implementing lesson plans according to the set curriculum.
• Observed students in order to ensure proper behavior and ensured that any misdemeanor was properly addressed.
• Developed materials and resources to assist students in understanding complex concepts.
• Oversaw the activities of students during recess and playtimes to ensure their wellbeing.
• Assisted in conducting student evaluations, and created and documented reports according to school protocol.

New York State University, Yonkers, NY
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology | 2005

• MS Office Application
• Database
• Internet and Email
• Classroom Management Software