Biology Lab Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: May 17, 2021

Those days are long gone when you could open up Microsoft Word and fill in the blanks in the resume template.

Successful resumes for biology lab assistants are those that look like a piece of art.

No one has the time for mundane and boring content, especially those that say nothing much about the candidate.

So a modern biology lab assistant resume will look like the sample given below:

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Biology Lab Assistant Resume Sample

Angelina Mirren
7 Huntress Street, Clay Center, KS 38472
(000) 342-2321
angelmir @ email . com

Biology Lab Assistant

An analytic thinker with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, and streamlining complex work processes within a biology lab. Ability to adapt to high pressure and tight deadlines while remaining both accurate and good-humored.

• Proficient in performing complex library tests to produce reliable and accurate data in support of scientific investigations.
• Demonstrated experience in setting up, operating,, and maintaining standard laboratory equipment, including centrifuges and pH meters.
• Documented success in conducting effective researches and recording findings according to standardized practices.
• Particularly effective in examining laboratory specimens to detect the presence of diseases or deformations.

• Research and development
• Waste management
• Sourcing and stocking
• Lab sessions lead
• Calibration
• Safety promotion
• Safety drills
• Solutions preparation
• Operational programs
• Electronic hematology
• Specimen preparation
• Forensics

• Introduced a Material Safety Data Sheet, which streamlined lab information for easy access.
• Raised 70% of the funds needed to set up special equipment needed in the biology lab.
• Reduced the costs of science supplies by 60% by selecting an inexpensive vendor while maintaining quality control.
• Prepared a manual on the proper disposal of hazardous waste disposal procedures.


Biology Lab Assistant
The Biology Lab, Clay Center, KS
• Set up lab equipment such as microscopes and cell counters and assist in experiments
• Clean and calibrate test equipment, measure compounds and prepare solutions
• Assist in researching the collection of samples and information
• Conduct standardized biological tests and laboratory analysis
• Examine animals and specimens to detect diseases and suggest counters
• Monitor lab work to ensure that standards are followed properly
• Participate in research and development activities such as manufacturing of medicinal and pharmaceutical mixtures
• Ensure that supplies and work areas are properly cleaned and sanitized
• Monitor experiments and record findings
• Set up and calibrate laboratory and field equipment

Lab Aide
South Point Labs, Clay Center, KS
• Set up, calibrated, and maintained testing equipment
• Identified, isolated, and prepared specimens for experiments
• Participated in research and development activities
• Cleaned and maintained work areas and supplies and equipment
• Measured and weighed compounds and solutions to be used for testing purposes
• Recording findings and developments of each monitored experiment

Bachelor of Science in Biology