Preschool Teacher Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: May 6, 2021

When applying for a preschool teacher assistant job, make sure that you write an exceptional cover letter.

Even if you haven’t any previous experience in hand, make it known that you are skilled in performing the necessary functions related to the Preschool Teacher Assistant job.

This can be done effectively by using the right words and phrases to impress a hiring manager into giving you a chance.

Let us focus on what exactly to write in a cover letter for a preschool teacher assistant position.

Firstly, your love for children must be highlighted.

Then, you must focus on how well you can handle instructing young students in a way that their physical, educational, and cognitive growth and development is made a priority.

It is essential to realize that a cover letter is the first document that a hiring manager picks up, which is why it needs to hold reliable content.

Entry-Level Preschool Teacher Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Ira Bentley
(000) 232-4855

May 6, 2021

Mrs. Courtney Jefferson
The Palm Nursery
209 Farm Road
East Greenwich, RI 70121

Dear Mrs. Jefferson:

I have always aspired to work for preschoolers, which is the prime reason for me to take up Montessori training right after I obtained my degree. At this point, I am interested in working as a Preschool Teacher Assistant at The Palm Nursery, a position that I am confident that I am competent enough to undertake. A quick review of my resume (enclosed) will help you appreciate the fact that I am indeed the right person to hire.

Through a volunteer experience a month ago, I learned a lot about lesson planning and imparting. Since I possess an inherent love for children, it is easy for me to reach out to them, and assist them in learning. My knowledge of conveying concepts to meet students’ developmental goals is astounding. So is my ability to handle their personal needs, so that they remain comfortable throughout their time in class. In an assistantship role, I am positive that I will be able to help in many different ways, including student oversight, behavior management, and student assessment.

It will be a pleasure to meet with you so that I can provide you with a broader view of my skills in a preschool teacher assistant position. I will remain in touch with your office to set up an interview time. In the meantime, please call me at (000) 232-4855 if you need further information to process my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ira Bentley

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