ESL Teacher Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: October 9, 2022

The success of a resume for an ESL Teacher Assistant position depends on two things, format and content.

Once you know that these two aspects of a resume are most looked at, you will be able to design a resume that meets the individual needs of each employer.

An easy-to-use ESL Teacher Assistant Resume Sample is given below for your reference:

Sample Resume for ESL Teacher Assistant Job

Sabrina Red
7 University Avenue
Williston, ND 65858
(000) 999-9999
sabred @email .com


Dedicated ESL Teacher Assistant with 8+ years of hands-on experience in assisting lead teachers to teach English as a second language. An approachable and communicable individual, with a patient nature and a great ability to help people of different age brackets learn the language. Track record of effectively planning, preparing, and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups.

• Highly experienced in preparing and setting tests and examinations to determine the individual level of learning of each student.
• Demonstrated expertise in devising, writing, and producing new material and audio and video resources to aid learning.
• Well-versed in evaluating each student to determine his or her specific strengths and weaknesses and providing one on one training.

• Lesson Development • Training Sessions Handling
• Materials Research • Student Evaluation
• Creative Teaching Strategies • Extracurricular Support
• Reading Support • Behavioral Management
• One-on-one Tutoring • Language Proficiency Support
• Clerical Support • ESL Tier Program Management

• Created and implemented an of its kind activities activities-based ESL learning program to meet the individual needs of each student.
• Successfully placed 35 students in mainstream English language programs following dedicated instruction and assessment.
• Implemented a unique vocabulary-building program that focused on assisting students with difficulty in reading.
• Conducted a series of corporate training events to meet foreign business professionals’ language needs while stationed in the US.


ESL Teacher Assistant
Civitas Education Partners, Williston, ND
2013 – Present
• Assess each student to determine his or her English language skills and limitations.
• Assist in creating and implementing individualized lesson plans to meet each student’s specific language development requirements.
• Impart lessons in a defined manner, primarily concentrating on weak areas and student limitations.
• Assist international students in understanding and appreciating social and cultural norms.
• Provide one on one assistance to students who are unable to understand language concepts.
• Administer tests and examinations to gauge each student’s learning progress.
• Assess students through evaluation programs and personal assessments and assist them in determining their weak areas.
• Communicate student progress to parents or guardians and provide support and advice to help them make the best of their education.

Teacher Assistant
Williston Public School, Williston, ND
2007 – 2013
• Assisted the lead ESL teacher in determining each student’s individual learning needs.
• Researched study aids and resources and developed them in a manner that they can be used in a classroom environment.
• Provided support in handling in-class behavior by both modeling and implementing standards for ethical conduct.
• Provided individual attention to students with special needs, while focusing on their comfort and well-being.
• Created and maintained accurate and updated records of each student and ensured that all student information was kept confidential.

Master of Arts in English – 2009
North Dakota State University, Williston, ND

TEFL – 2010
Teachers’ Education Hub, Williston, ND

• Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet, Email, and Social Media Interaction