Special Education Teacher Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: October 10, 2015


Picture this; you are bombarded with resumes of all colors, shapes and sizes for a position that only you can decide who fills. Which resume will you choose? The obvious answer is the one that holds the most relevant information. The colors and shapes will not matter. The content will. So if you are on the other side of the situation, it makes sense to write a resume that is relevant in nature. Any amount of fancy designs will not help your case.

To see what a professionally written resume looks like, take a look at the following sample of a special education teacher assistant resume:


Special Education Teacher Assistant Resume Sample


Kayla Robinson

32 5th Street ● Susanville ● CA 96521 ● (999) 999-9999 ● kaylarob @ email . com


SUMMARY: Dependable teacher assistant with proven track record of providing support to special education instructional programs and supervising and instructing special needs students.

• Demonstrated expertise in adapting classroom activities, assignments and materials to support and reinforce classroom objectives
• Hands-on experience in assisting students by applying and removing physical therapy appliances and enabling them to access their electronic communicators
• Qualified to monitor students during assigned periods within a variety of school environments such as lunchrooms, bus stops and playgrounds
• Adept at providing support in implementation of student behavior plans to ensure effective and safe student learning


– Instructional Enhancement – Behavior Modification – Mobility Support
– Student Monitoring – Activities Management – Instruction Implementation
– Positive Learning – Project Based Teaching – Deficiency Remediation
– Test Administration – Materials Preparation – Therapy

• Successfully placed 15 special needs students into regular learning programs by working diligently on their specific needs
• Implemented a project-based learning environment which increased student response by 60%
• Enhanced regular instructional programs by incorporating 3 specific modules related to Autism and ADHD
• Adapted regular school activities for incorporation into special needs programs which resulted in increased student interest in learning,

REGINA CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, Susanville, CA (11/2010 to Present)
Special Education Teacher Assistant
• Provide support to lead special education teacher in developing lesson plans and imparting education
• Supervise students with special needs on a constant basis to ensure that they are safe and settled
• Prepare learning materials specific to each student’s special needs and abilities
• Encourage students to communicate by dealing with them in a gentle manner
• Assist students during in-school therapy sessions
• Recognize when students are distressed and attempt to assist them out of their situations
• Look after students physical needs such as feeding and toileting
• Supervise students during lunch and play times
• Assist students with mobility needs such as lifting and positioning them or helping them in and out of wheelchairs and adaptive equipment
• Create and maintain student records and ensure that they are kept safe and confidential
• Provided support in evaluating students’ progress and need for additional care and created correlating reports

Special Needs Assistant
• Assessed students to understand their limitations and special needs
• Provided physical care such as support with mobility, partaking food and handling their toileting needs
• Assisted students in learning concepts by providing them with additional instructional support
• Created materials to help students understand difficult concepts
• Provided support by counseling them and ensuring their physical and emotional health is maintained

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Major: Special Education