2 Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Samples with Tips

November 22, 2019

A daycare teacher assistant is an important individual. He or she assists lead teachers in looking after children.

When applying for a job as one, you have to write a resume that shows that you are a great individual to hire.


How to write?

  1. Check what the hiring manager wants in a daycare teacher.
  2. Relate your skills and experience with the employer’s requirements.
  3. Choose a simple format and place the right information under different sections using bullet points.

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The following are two well-written resume samples for a Daycare Teacher Assistant to get ideas from.



Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Example 1


Delilah Majors
64 Saint Road, Orlando, FL73543
(000) 999-9999


Enthusiastic and energetic Daycare Teacher Assistant with extensive experience in supervising children and ensuring their safety. Adept at preparing meals and organizing activities to meet the physical, social, cognitive, and educational needs of children. Good communicator with the ability to work in a team. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Safety Precautions
• Hygiene Assistance
• Activities Management
• Emergency Assistance
• Emotional Attendance
• Progress Recording


Daycare Teacher Assistant
The Rainbow Children, Orlando, FL | 2018-present

• Supervise approximately 15 children in every shift
• Implement a unique schedule based on the individual needs of each child
• Introduce a safety precautions program, which resulted in increased child security
• Create a bond with children by reaching out to them in a friendly way
• Confer with parents to determine children’s specific needs and requirements
• Assist lead daycare teacher in providing direct care to assigned students
• Keep an eye on assigned students to ensure their safety
• Create resources to help lead teachers to impart lessons
• Introduce children to concepts such as shapes and colors

Teacher Assistant
ABC Daycare, Orlando, FL | 2017-2018

• Helped children understand how to play with toys
• Monitored children during group play activities
• Disinfected classroom surfaces, resources, and toys
• Assisted children with personal work such as toileting and grooming
• Created and maintained updated lists of enrolled children

Mary’s Nannies, Orlando, FL | 2014-2017

• Assisted children with homework and projects
• Oversaw activities, and intervened where appropriate
• Prepared food items according to children’s specific tastes
• Cleaned and disinfected play and work areas
• Accompanied children to play dates and other appointments
• Handled emergencies such as sudden illnesses and injuries

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Florida State University, Orlando, FL – 2014

• Daycare software
• Youtube and social media
• Spotify


Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Sample 2


Sadie Hart
484 Hillcrest Drive, Pocatello, ID 32210
(000) 999-9999
sadiehart @ email . com


Energetic, organized and focused

7+ years’ verifiable track record of designing innovative activities and lessons to meet the developmental, educational, cognitive, social and emotional needs of children. Demonstrated expertise in providing core assistance in developing and implementing daycare curriculum.

• Documented success in providing supervision, care and a safe and nurturing environment aimed at social and academic growth.
• Well-versed at imparting individually-based lessons with the aim of meeting the varying needs of each student.
• Qualified to recognize inappropriate behavior and implement disciplinary measures accordingly.

Basic child care | Instruction planning
Curriculum development | Material research
Resources management | Behavior observation


Daycare Teacher Assistant
Wise Daycare, Pocatello, ID | 11/2014-Present

• Assist lead teacher in assessing the learning needs of 30+ students
• Provide support in developing correlating curriculum and lesson plans
• Assist in ensuring the safety and welfare of enrolled students by protecting them from both physical and emotional harm
• Interact with students to understand their challenges, limitations and special talents and provide feedback to lead teacher
• Help lead teacher in imparting instruction to help develop students cognitively, emotionally, educationally and physically
• Provide care to young children such as changing diapers and feeding
• Observe students to check for signs of distress or discomfort and intervene to assist them
• Handle emergencies by employing knowledge of CPR and First Aid
• Ascertain that all students’ records are created and maintained properly

Daycare Volunteer
Valley Daycare Center, Pocatello, ID | 5/2013-11/2014

• Assisted lead teachers and teacher assistants in determining the individual needs of students
• Provided assistance in monitoring and observing students and provided feedback on observations
• Handled student records and files and assisted in creating reports
• Performed research work regarding materials and teaching resources
• Provided assistance with feeding, bathing and changing young students

St. James College – Pocatello, ID – 2008
A.A.S – Education
Major: Early Childhood Education

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