Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on June 25, 2015

What if you could design a resume that could “personify” you? It would be an absolute dream come true for an employer! A resume that paints a picture of you is what is going to get you on top of the list. One that is ordinary will shove you down the pile. Oddly enough, many of us do not spend a lot of time on our resumes, wrongly believing that they are not all that important. Wrong attitude. We need to be very farsighted when writing a resume as our career may depend on it.

Resumes that truly shine are the ones that have super stories to tell. And these stories are ones that have never been told before so they are unique to you. A daycare teacher assistant for example, can shine through the following resume.


Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Sample


Sadie Hart

484 Hillcrest Drive ● Pocatello, ID 32210 ● (999) 999-9999 ● sadiehart @ email . com


SUMMARY: Energetic, organized and focused daycare professional with 7+ years’ verifiable track record of designing innovative and hands-on activities and lessons to meet the developmental, educational, cognitive, social and emotional needs of young students. Demonstrated expertise in providing core assistance in developing and implementing daycare curriculum.

Professional attributes:
• Documented success in providing supervision, care and a safe and nurturing environment aimed at social and academic growth
• Well-versed at imparting individually-based lessons with the aim of meeting the varying needs of each student
• Qualified to recognize inappropriate behavior and implement disciplinary measures accordingly


• Basic child care• Instruction planning• Curriculum development
• Material research• Resources management• Communication
• Behavior observation• Records management• Student evaluations
• Teaching strategies• Child development• Substitution

• Worked as a lead teacher for 68 days following the lead teacher’s extended sick leave
• Incorporated Campus Fun, an early childhood concept into the regular daycare program
• Coordinated a series of 10 children’s events coined The Daycare Children, which worked as icebreakers for newly listed students
• Saved the daycare center $5000 in obtaining daycare learning materials by researching and locating alternatives for free


Wise Owl Daycare, Pocatello, ID | 11/2011 to Present
Daycare Teacher Assistant
• Assist lead teacher in assessing the learning needs of individual groups of enrolled students
• Provide support in developing correlating curriculum and lesson plans
• Assist in ensuring the safety and welfare of enrolled students by protecting them from both physical and emotional harm
• Interact with students to understand their challenges, limitations and special talents and provide feedback to lead teacher
• Help lead teacher in imparting instruction to help develop students cognitively, emotionally, educationally and physically
• Provide care to young children such as changing diapers and feeding
• Observe students to check for signs of distress or discomfort and intervene to assist them
• Handle emergencies by employing knowledge of CPR and First Aid
• Ascertain that all students’ records are created and maintained properly

Valley Daycare Center, Pocatello, ID | 5/2018 to 11/2011
Daycare Volunteer
• Assisted teachers and teacher assistants in determining the individual needs of students
• Provided assistance in monitoring and observing students and provided feedback on observations
• Handled student records and files and assisted in creating reports
• Performed research work regarding materials and teaching resources
• Provided assistance with feeding, bathing and changing young students

St. James College – Pocatello, ID – 2008
A.A.S – Education
Major: Early Childhood Education