Daycare Teacher Cover Letter Example

Updated on: February 4, 2021

Preliminary education is of extreme importance for every child. The time that a child spends before he is old enough to attend school is very sensitive.

It is important that their developmental needs are met properly during this stage. Daycare teachers ensure that the children who are under their care are looked after properly both in terms of physical and mental needs.

A daycare teacher can bring a huge difference in a child’s life. Since parents put all their trust in a daycare teacher when leaving their child at a daycare facility, it is up to the daycare teacher to live up to their expectations. Basically, daycare teachers are considered to be their wards’ parents while the biological parents are away.

Daycare teachers are screened quite thoroughly before they are hired as they perform sensitive jobs. If you are looking for a position as a daycare teacher, you must make sure that your cover letter passes this scrutiny.

Sample Cover Letter for Daycare Teacher Resume

Eva William
517 Nashua Road
Londonderry, NH 66673
(099) 000-9876

February 4, 2021

Mr. Mathew Conner
Daycare Director
Little Stars Preschool Academy
60 Mammoth Road
Londonderry, NH 52601

Dear Mr. Conner:

It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I respond to your recruitment posting for Daycare Teacher at Little Stars Preschool Academy. Owing to my commitment to provide quality preliminary education using creative instructional methods, I would be able to contribute effectively.

I am a well-rounded educator who has ample experience in handling students of diverse age groups. Tackling learning disabilities, autism, and non-compliant behavior with tact is a strong point that has led me to work in many challenging roles in the past. Conventional methods of teaching can sometimes bore a child which is why I encourage student learning by infusing creative learning strategies aimed at making learning a fun activity.

My daycare teaching methods have been quite popular in ensuring that the developmental needs of young students are met appropriately. Establishing a connection between classroom activities and everyday life is something that I have found to be extremely beneficial when making a long-lasting impact on young minds.

I would enjoy meeting with you in person to discuss my suitability for this position. I will contact your office after 5 days to follow up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincere regards,

Eva William