Sample Achievements for HR Specialist Resume

Updated on: January 3, 2023

Experience, skill set, and education do not make up the entire resume for an HR specialist position.

What are we missing?

The achievements section.

It is true that employers are highly interested in what you can do due to the skills that you possess, and how much work experience you have.

But they are also extremely interested in what you have accomplished over the years. In this case, the past is not bygone!

Your accomplishments prove to the hr department what you are capable of. And if you can actually contribute to the organization where you will eventually be working.

The first thing that a hiring manager wants to know about you is if you have done something so significant that the world has applauded you.

He or she needs to know this so that a proper decision can be made to hire you. If you are an accomplished person, your chances of being employed increase manifold.

The fact that you have done something remarkable in your previous workplace is lost on a prospective employer, as he doesn’t know it. It is your duty to make it known to him.

A resume (or even a cover letter) is an excellent avenue to do this. Y

You put everything that you are proud of achieving in a dedicated section on your resume (or in prose form in your cover letter), and you can basically say hello to the new job.

Here are some statements that you can use to highlight your achievements:

Sample HR Specialist Achievements for Resume

• Stayed under budget for the entire stipulated 8 months of rigorous hiring and training of new employees for a recently opened office branch.

• Successfully managed a human resource training program for 5 offshore offices within the specified time of 6 months.

• Identified a series of employment-related legal issues and ensured compliance with legal standards and procedures.

• Reduced overhead costs by $4000 per month within the human resource department by suggesting alternative methods of reaching out to prospective employees.

• Streamlined departmental operations by bringing a team on board that was an expert in handling operational issues.

• Resolved 20 internal conflicts by employing demonstrated expertise in handling interdepartmental problems, and ensuring that they work in tandem with each other.

• Increased employee motivation and subsequent work prowess by suggesting bonuses and benefits.

• First person to achieve a Pride of Performance award from the management, owing to dedicated contribution to the HR department.

• Surpassed company goals for handling problematic HR issues, resulting in being awarded the “Employee of the Year award”.