Handyman Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 5, 2022
Handyman Job Description

Typically, a handyman is a jack of all trades who is expected to perform repair work, maintenance duties, and handling all kinds of tasks at the employer’s premises.

Handymen should be talented in many areas, such as fixing a leaky toilet or maintaining air conditioning units.

There are times when home repairs cannot be done on our own, and this is the time when we hire the services of handymen.

Generally, handymen are paid on per project or hourly basis, but they may also have set rates on which they work.

Sample Duties and Responsibilities for Handyman Resume

• Meet clients to understand their needs for repair or maintenance.
• Provide clients with a tentative quote of costs and information regarding the price of materials.
• Draw up work contracts and ask clients to sign them for future reference.
• Contact suppliers to determine if all materials are available and look for alternatives for unavailable items.
• Buy materials, tools, and equipment and make repair or maintenance plans based on information derived from the inspection.
• Inspect the building to determine the extent of repair and maintenance needed.
• Perform a variety of repair and maintenance duties such as fixing leaky pipes and sprinkler systems and electric wires.
• Perform maintenance work on HVAC systems by using a variety of tools and machinery.
• Fix roofs and walls and perform painting tasks.
• Wash and maintain vehicles by using correct mixtures of soap and cleaning chemicals.
• Perform preventative and general maintenance on vehicle engines.
• Calculate final costs incurred on projects, create bills and present them to clients.
• Take cash in exchange for services rendered and tender any change.
• Follow up with clients to determine if any further services may be needed or if the work already performed has lasted.

Handyman Education, Skills, and Abilities

Handymen do not have to possess formal education, but they must be highly skilled in what they do.

Physical agility is a prerequisite of working as a handyman, so if you are thinking of applying for a job at this position, you must be physically dexterous.

Since home maintenance is what people usually call handymen for, handymen need to be trustworthy.

Handymen also need to be good at making mental calculations and be able to work in inclement weather conditions.

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