Teacher Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons

Updated on: May 14, 2022

One of the hardest decisions teachers take in their lives is to switch jobs.

This is especially true when they have worked at a place for a long period of time and have developed emotional bonds with their students and staff member.

Also, no position binds you emotionally to your job as much as that of a teacher; teachers have constant interaction with their students as they nurture them not only academically but emotionally as well.

Writing a resignation letter to the school principal to inform her of your decision will take some thought depending on how long you have worked at the school.

You may want to be direct and open and close the letter in a conventional way or you may put some details about how this action is making you feel.

But the main reason behind writing a resignation letter is to provide notice of your intent to leave.

The resignation reason could be anything, but whatever reason you state, you must make sure that it is valid and your resignation is in accordance with what is stated in your contract.

If you are confused about what to write in a teacher resignation letter, here is a sample that you can follow:

Sample Teacher Resignation Letter to the School Principal Due to Personal Reasons

Hannah Vault
525 6th Street
Clementon, NJ 90201
(000) 987-6767
hannah @ email . com

May 14, 2022

Ms. Crystal Bigg
St Peter’s Community School
89 Blackwood Road
Clementon, NJ 92135

Dear Ms. Bigg:

It makes me very sad to put my resignation from my position as an English Teacher for St Peter’s Community School. Please note that Friday, January 5 will be my last working day. This notice period complies with the two weeks notice that my teaching contract states.

St Peter’s Community School has remained an important part of my life ever since I began working here five years ago. My reason for leaving is nothing but personal. I enjoyed teaching English to my students and I believe I cannot get this precious experience from anything else.

As I do not want to leave my students in the lurch, I have given a notice which will provide the HR Department with the help to find a new English teacher. I am willing to assist in getting the new teacher acquainted with the school curriculum.

Thank you for giving me a chance to work at St Peter’s Community School. The experience I have gained here is something I will cherish forever. Thank you very much.


(Sign Here)

Hannah Vault
English Teacher

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