Leaving a teaching job can be riddled with difficulties. You may not feel comfortable with leaving a position immediately owing to your sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that leave you no choice but to resign.

When you resign from your teaching job, it is advisable to resign as gracefully and efficiently as possible. You should give sufficient notice to school’s management by writing a prescribed resignation letter. Start your handing/taking process after submitting your resignation.

Tips: Craft your resignation carefully. You do not want to offend the employer which can harm your career. While most scenarios of this kind are difficult to handle especially if your contract says you need to provide prior notice, if your reason is genuine, you may be able to ensure a smooth transition.


Teacher Resignation Letter Sample (With Immediate Effect)


Sarah Hamilton
321 V. 7th Street
Newark, NJ 10210
(000) 457-7845
sarah @ email . com (Write your personal email address)

May 3, 2017

Ms. Selena Hendricks
Newark Junior School
63 Hudson Avenue
Newark, NJ 05902


Dear Ms. Hendricks:

Please accept this letter as a formal resignation from my position as Teacher for Newark Junior School with immediate effect. Today will be my last working day. I regret the inconvenience that this action will cause the school but I have no choice but to go through with it.

I have not been feeling well from some months and my poor health has begun to affect my work. I am no longer able to create workable lesson plans or impart lessons like I used to. The appointment I had with my doctor yesterday forced me to come up with this decision. I understand that my contract states that I need to provide a one week notice of my intent to leave. Unfortunately, I will not be able to comply due to my health condition. I am already in touch with the accounts office to arrange for my final salary. I understand that I will not be eligible for any end-of-term benefits.

I apologize for not being able to train my replacement but if things do not fall into place, please call me at (000) 457-7845 and I will come in and help out as often as my health permits. I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to obtain an amazing teaching experience.


Sincere regards,


Sarah Hamilton
Teacher (Social Studies)
Newark Junior School


Teacher Resignation Letter Sample (2 Weeks’ Notice)


Dear Mr. Doe:

Please accept my resignation from my current position as Teacher for YES Prep Public School on two week’s notice, effective May 16.

My students have given me great contentment over the years, and the staff has been helpful to work with. Thank you for the support and the chances that you have provided me throughout my employment with the YES Prep Public School.

I will remain available in my office till May 16, 5:00 PM. If I can be of any help to you during this transition period, please let me know. I wish best of luck to my colleagues and seniors in their future endeavors.



Sara Smith