Teacher 2-Weeks Notice Resignation Letter [2 Samples]

Updated: January 21, 2023

It is difficult for employers to handle the situation when a teacher wants to leave by giving the standard one month’s notice. It is even more so when someone resigns on two weeks’ notice!

If you look at it from the other point of view (that of the employee), there are times when giving a long notice is not possible. Illnesses, sudden decisions to move and other unavoidable circumstances see us giving short notice to our employers – and obviously upsetting them!

How a teacher’s resignation letter is written matters tremendously. If you are unable to meet the terms laid out in your contract, you will lose something. Maybe a part of your benefits or your salary. 

In some cases, employers only require two weeks’ notice of an employee’s decision to resign. In such cases, you are in luck! But just to show that you are a responsible individual – after all, two weeks is such a short period of time – you should offer replacements and training to make up for it.

Here is a sample resignation letter from a teacher who is resigning, giving two weeks’ notice to her employer:

Teacher Two Weeks’ Notice Resignation Letter Sample 1

Catherine Mint
654 Port Street
Point Pleasant, WV 50121
(000) 989-7654
Catherine @ email. com

January 21, 2023

Mrs. Shirley Brown
Mossman Elementary School
666 Jefferson Avenue
Point Pleasant, WV 58987

Dear Mrs. Brown:

I am writing to tender my resignation from my position as a teacher on two weeks’ notice. February 3 will be my last working day.

As you know, I have been struggling with some health issues since the beginning of this year and have taken considerable time off as well. Recently, I was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer for which I have been prescribed immediate chemotherapy. Since some of my blood test results are not exactly favorable for chemotherapy at this time, my doctor has put me on medication to bring them on par, before commencing chemotherapy. This will take about 18 days.

I am absolutely aware of the fact that I am leaving midterm – I am afraid I have no choice. However, my co-teacher Enid Ross is quite well-trained to handle my class until arrangements can be made to hire a full-time lead teacher. If you give the go-ahead, I will train her further so that the class does not suffer.

Working at Mossman Elementary School has been an amazing experience. I have gained friends in colleagues and children in students, and I am honestly grateful to you for providing me with this opportunity. I wish you good luck for a more prosperous future for the school in the coming years.


Catherine Mint

Teacher Resignation Letter on Two Weeks’ Notice (Sample 2)

Simone Frank
25 New South Wales Street
Sykesville, MD 32020
(000) 878-6754

January 21, 2023

Ms. Fran Bowie
Sykesville High School
333 Haight Avenue
Sykesville, MD 21212

Dear Ms. Bowie:

It is with a heavy heart and great regret that I am informing you of my decision to resign from my position as a Math Teacher for Sykesville High School on two weeks’ notice. February 3, will be my last working day.

Three days ago, my husband received a call from a company in Baltimore, confirming his employment. After detailed discussions between us, we have decided it is in the best interest of our family to move to Baltimore, and since he has to join work on September 1, I have no choice but to provide you with such short notice.

I understand that I have a huge liability on my shoulders, especially where my students are concerned. If possible, I would like to hand over my work to my assistant teacher Ms. Rebecca David who has completed two years in this role and whom I believe to be competent enough to handle the entire workload of a lead teacher. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to make this transition easy for the school.

Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to learn and grow with your school, an experience that will benefit me forever.


Simone Frank
Math Teacher

Final Thought

The standard teacher’s resignation letter timeline is two weeks. However, some schools require that teachers provide four weeks’ notice as well. But that is not a problem.

If you know that you will be leaving a particular organization, you will just have to make sure that you work along with these timelines.

What can become a problem is when you have to leave within two weeks! How do you handle that?

Well, if two weeks’ notice is all that you can give to your employer, you must prepare yourself for some sacrifice. You might be asked to forgo part of your salary or leave benefits.

But, if it is an emergency that is making you leave a job without providing much notice, this might not be a problem. You will probably be willing to let it go.

The next step is to make sure that your resignation letter is written professionally. Clearly and concisely say why you want to leave your job and provide suggestions for making it up to your employer.