Flight Attendant Resignation Letter Sample

Updated: January 17, 2023

Once you have decided to resign from your current flight attendant position, the first and foremost thing to do is write and submit a professional resignation letter.

When writing a flight attendant resignation letter, remember that your letter should be brief, focused, and concise.

You do not need to give any reason for leaving. But, if you have strong ties with the airline or employer, you may define your situation.

Provide the employer with information about the time and date when you are leaving and let the company know you are grateful for their support during the period of your employment.

Take a look at the following flight attendant resignation letter sample to get a better idea of how to make your resignation letter.

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Flight Attendant Resignation Letter Example

John Andrew
353 North Lane
San Diego, CA 21474
(000) 987-9977
[email protected] (Use your personal email address here)

January 17, 2023

Ms. Sara Cris
Station Manager
US Airline
14 New Avenue
San Diego, CA 21474

Dear Ms. Cris:

Please accept my resignation from my position as Flight Attendant for US Airlines, effective January 31. I am offering a 2-week notice so that my flights can be serviced efficiently during the transition.

I thank you for providing me with the opportunity to develop myself professionally and personally. I have enjoyed working under your supervision. This experience enabled me to pursue a career in the airline industry.

During my transition period, I will be happy to assist in every way to make the process smooth. That includes providing training to my replacement and finishing any paperwork.

Again, it has been a worthwhile experience working as a part of your team. I shall remember my colleagues and particularly your kindness and guidance for many years with great fondness and respect. I wish you and my team all the best for the future.


John Andrew
(000) 989-9977

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