Best Social Studies Teacher Resume Example

Updated on: October 19, 2020

A Social Studies Teacher is responsible for providing students with insight into a country’s culture and heritage and to motivate them in exercising their rights as individuals of a nation.

If you are looking for a job in the capacity of a social studies teacher, the following resume sample will come into use effectively. Feel free to customize it per the requirements of the middle or high school.

Sample Resume for Social Studies Teacher

Kurt Russell
44 Old Knife Ct, Middle River, MD 66454
(000) 987-9779


Motivated and Results-driven Teacher with over a decade of experience in teaching social studies. Highly skilled in planning study programs conducive to individual student needs and guiding the learning process towards the achievement of the curriculum. Well versed in employing a variety of instructional techniques and media. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with students, staff, and parents. Bilingual: English, Spanish

Score assessment | Grading
Parent meetings | Curriculum review
Problem-solving | Progress reports
Instructional improvement | MS Office programs


  • Devised and implemented a “student ready” social studies education program that catered to students with a lower IQ level
  • Regulated educating procedures for various subjects by introducing relevant techniques of imparting education


Social Studies Teacher
Nashville High School – Middle River, MD                         

  • Teach courses in social studies including history, geography, American Government, and political sciences
  • Instruct students in citizenship and administrative regulations
  • Develop a balanced social studies curriculum
  • Develop an understanding of the contributions of racial and religious groups to the American culture
  • Provide in-service education by using resources and materials
  • Develop and implement student appropriate curriculum

Social Studies Teacher
Randolph Public School District, Randolph, MA               

  • Facilitated student success in academic and interpersonal skills through academic courses of study
  • Implemented the district approved curriculum
  • Documented teaching and student progress, activities, and outcomes
  • Addressed specific needs of students
  • Provided a safe and fun learning environment
  • Provided feedback to students, parents, and seniors regarding student progress, expectations, and goals

Social Studies Teacher 
ABC School, Randolph, MA               

  • Taught courses in social studies to pupils, utilizing course of study adopted by the DESE
  • Collaborated with school faculty, parents, and community agencies to improve the quality of student outcomes
  • Planned curriculum and develop solutions
  • Created a dynamic classroom environment that was conducive to learning and relevant to the maturity and interests of students
  • Promoted equity and recognition of diversity-Maintain classroom management
  • Planned and delivered effective instruction
  • Developed a balanced social studies program involving factual background material

Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Sciences
St. Norbert College, Middle River, MD

Certification: Early Adolescence (Secondary Education)


  • Excellent understanding of social concepts
  • Ability to effectively educate and manage students of diverse backgrounds
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to handle conflicts
  • Good sense of humor

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