Retired Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: July 28, 2021

As a retired teacher, you will have a lot more to offer in terms of skills and qualifications than a relatively less experienced individual.

Here is an effective cover letter sample for a retired teacher to assist you in building an interview-winning letter.

Sample Resume for Retired Teacher

Anne Perkins
830 Flamingo Drive, Florissant, MO 74302
(000) 999-4145
anneprkins @ email . com


31+ years of experience teaching elementary school students of various backgrounds. Extremely well-acquainted with students’ learning abilities and problems with a deep insight into creating and delivering lessons to meet their individual needs. Extensive background in preparing and delivering lessons that meet the outlines dictated by the state curriculum. Demonstrated expertise in researching new topic areas and devising innovative methods to deliver information

• Curriculum Development • Interactive Learning
• Resources Development • Behavior Management
• Special Needs Assistance • Student Counseling
• Objectives Identification • Lesson Structures
• Activities-based Learning • Classroom Support
• Progress Evaluation • Student Assessments


Physics Teacher
Metropolitan Public Schools, Florissant, MO 

Key Achievements
• Received the Teaching Excellence Award from the State of Missouri.
• First one to implement activities-based lessons that increased success rate by 50%
• Incorporated a program to meet the individual needs of special students within the class, resulting in increased interest in the school.

Key Responsibilities
• Created and implemented lessons according to set curriculums.
• Designed and developed lesson plans in accordance to set curriculums.
• Delivered lessons to meet the individual needs of each student.
• Assisted students with learning difficulties by providing them with additional support.
• Supervised students during class to ensure model behavior and handled any behavior-related problems.

Science Teacher
Metropolitan Public Schools, Florissant, MO

Key Achievements
• Developed a core curriculum for elementary school students based on which yearly curriculums are based now.
• Selected and using a range of learning resources and equipment to perform teaching activities.

Key Responsibilities
• Managed student behavior within the classroom and during outdoor activities.
• Created exam papers and assignments and supervised students during exam times.
• Oversaw outdoor activities to ensure students’ health and safety during playtime and extracurricular activities.
• Performed assessments to determine students’ progress and created correlating reports.
• Conferred with parents to provide them with an overview of their child’s progress and offered suggestions for improvements.

Science Teacher
The Archer School, Florissant, MO

Key Responsibilities
• Created and implemented lesson plans based on providing education to a diverse set of students.
• Assisted students in understanding difficult concepts and provided them with project support.
• Observed students to determine signs of distress and addressed their problems by providing counseling services.
• Ascertained that all students behaved properly by setting model behavior in class and outdoor activities.
• Checked and graded exams and assignments and performed individual assessments on each student.

Master’s Degree in Education
Florissant College, Florissant, MO 
Major: Elementary Education

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