Middle School Science Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: October 15, 2017

There is a lot that one has to go through before writing a Middle School Science resume.

Middle School Science Resumes are often not generated in a day – sometimes, they take days to evolve.

An individual who has had some experience writing resumes will be able to tell you that he or she has checked, rechecked, and wrote and un-wrote many things from their resume.

A sample of a well-structured resume for Middle School Science position is given below for your reference:



Middle School Science Teacher Resume Example



Robert Red

45 Glen Avenue, Lodi, NJ 70312
(000) 965-5248
robred @ email . com


“Drive to develop the minds of students in and out of the classroom.”

Resourceful and results-oriented Science Teacher, with extensive exposure to teaching the subject to middle school students. Highly skilled in ensuring delivery of exceptional education, in sync with the curriculum, and devised lesson plans.

Creates and implements core science curriculum with special focus on achieving learning outcomes. Self-motivated with a strong willingness to work as a part of team.


✓ Curriculum Development ✓ Student Evaluation ✓Conceptual Training
✓ Resource-based Learning ✓ Lesson Planning ✓ Teaching Aid Development
✓ Literacy Goals ✓ Student Monitoring ✓ Behavior Management
✓ Change Management ✓ Educational Reforms ✓ Data-driven Teaching


• Introduced the concept of “eight step lesson planning”, making the entire procedure 80% less cumbersome than before.
• Developed the entire science curriculum for the middle school, based on federal procedures.
• Devised a student evaluation program, which was considered 65% more efficient than the one it replaced.
• Implemented a series of activities-based learning modules, thereby increasing students’ interest in science as a subject.


Middle School Science Teacher
Educational Enterprise, Lodi, NJ | 6/2014 – Present

• Work with school administration to create and modify science curriculum based on set protocols
• Create and implement lesson plans according to the specific requirements of each student
• Impart education to provide students with information on core concepts of the subject
• Assist students through group coaching, or on a one on one basis to ensure that they comprehend difficult concepts
• Create and use instructional resources for use in the classroom, and plan and deliver instructional activities
• Ascertain that a positive educational environment is created for students to learn in
• Assess students through personal evaluation, tests, and examinations, and grade their papers
• Create and maintain effective relationships with parents and guardians to provide them with feedback regarding progress

Science Teacher Assistant
Great Oaks School, Lodi, NJ | 2/2009 – 6/2014

• Assisted lead teachers in creating and implementing lesson plans according to the individual needs of each student
• Monitored students during classes, to ensure good behavior and constant attention
• Assisted students on a one on one basis to provide them with help in understanding difficult concepts
• Took and recorded attendance, and ensured that all correlating information was submitted to the school office on a daily basis
• Oversaw students’ activities during lunch and play time, ensuring their safety and wellbeing

New Jersey State University, Lodi, NJ – 2009
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry