6 Middle School Science Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 25, 2021

An interview for Middle School Science Teacher job is often approached with a curious attitude from applicants, which is probably the best approach.

If you want to be successful at this stage – and you should want this – you have to make a clean effort to come to the top.

Remember that the Middle School Science Teacher interview process is not designed to trip you up because “hiring managers are mean people”.

The whole idea behind the interview process is to make sure that a hiring manager understands what you are capable of. And if you really are capable of everything that is expected of you – you must be able to tell the hiring manager through your manner and knowledge.

To see what kind of questions may be asked from a person appearing for an interview for a middle school science teacher position, have a look at the following set:

Middle School Science Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

1. What main duties have you performed in the role of a middle school science teacher?

As a middle school science teacher, I have been actively involved in the development and implementation of both science curriculums and lesson plans. Creating resources to engage students, and ensuring that they understand and can use the concepts taught to them has also been part of my work in this capacity.

2. What is the main skill that you believe a middle school science teacher should possess?

All teachers, no matter which subject they teach, must be able to exercise patience. Teaching is not for everyone, and only the ones who are patient with students, and their outcomes are considered successful.

3. What has been the toughest part of working as a middle school science teacher?

Teaching is a challenging job on the whole, with every day bringing different difficulties. I cannot recall any time that I was presented with a challenge and was not able to look it in the eye and manage it effectively.

4. How did you venture into the field of teaching?

Teaching became a passion for me during a short teaching assistantship that I did about 8 years ago. Since science was my subject of interest, and I love children, I decided to take up a career in teaching science to middle school students.

5. How do you handle behavior issues during lessons?

I am a firm individual, which means that behavior problems are few and far between. When they do occur, I make sure that I get the student or students involved to understand what they are doing wrong, without shattering their confidence.

6. What is the one thing that you would change or add if you were hired as a science teacher at our school?

I wouldn’t want to change anything, but I would suggest incorporating activities-based learning, which I believe is the future of education.

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