Middle School Science Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 25, 2021

A middle school science teacher cover letter is a necessary part of the job application set.

The information which you provide in the cover letter encourages the hiring manager to pick up and read your resume. 

To see how you should write a cover letter to impress a hiring manager, have a look at the following sample:

Middle School Science Teacher Cover Letter Example

Susan Jackson
657 Alpine Ave
Lodi, NJ 21402
(000) 854-9696
susan @ email . com

December 25, 2021

Mr. Denver Ross
ABC School
60 Dell Avenue
Lodi, NJ 67011

Dear Mr. Ross:

As a seasoned and results-oriented Teacher, I am applying for a middle school science teacher role at ABC School. With my strong motivation and proficiencies in science instruction, I will be able to contribute significantly. I am eager to work as a mentor and learning coach in an environment fostering student self-direction

Currently, I am working as a middle school science teacher at Great Oaks School. Perhaps my biggest achievement here is to introduce the concept of activities-based learning, which has substantially increased students’ interest in science as a subject.

Comprehending the fact that science can sometimes be considered as a dry subject by middle schoolers, I have been known to put a lot of fun in my teaching methods, quite often resulting in students learning complex concepts with ease, and without restraint. This, along with a strong grasp of scientific concepts, and a great ability to impart knowledge will help me bring excellent results.

I am excited by the opportunity to expand my influence in the role of the science teacher by guiding students through goal-setting, creation of learning plans, and reflection. I hope to provide you with a wider overview of my abilities in a meeting, to arrange which, I will call you after a few days.

Thank you for your consideration. My resume is attached for your review.


Susan Jackson
(000) 854-9696
Attachment: resume