Middle School English Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on April 23, 2019

Cover letters have special places in employers’ hearts – a mere look at one well-written cover letter means great prospects for both – him and you.

Cover letters work both ways i.e. for the employer and for the candidate. So they have to be written keeping both aspects in mind.


Anatomically, cover letters need to be structured. A solid opening and a bombastic closing – and of course everything in between – needs to be exceptionally well-written.

In an ancient legend that depicts various cultures, blind men who had never seen an elephant decided to examine a small part and figure out what an elephant looked like.

Since they all touched a different part of the elephant, they all deciphered it differently – one called it a pillar, another said it was like a rope. Different people have different ways of perceiving things – a cover letter will be perceived differently by different people.

Professional branding statements in a cover letter give off different impressions to people. It is up to you to write branding statements that everyone perceives as positive.

Styling your professional branding statement to stand out from the teeming masses of competition is of extreme importance. Cover letters make use of these statements to create an essence of who you are at the workplace. Your professional reputation and positive characters should come alive.

Let us look at an example of a cover letter for a middle school English teacher position:


Middle School English Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Kristen Guy
325 D. New Street
Danville, IL 21020
(000) 636-9695
Kristen @ email . com

April 23, 2019

Ms. Anna Bordon
Helena Public Schools
37 May Street
Danville, IL 22321


Dear Ms. Bordon:

I am writing to apply for an English Teacher position at Helena Public Schools. Education with a difference is only one of the documented achievements that I can provide to Helena Public Schools. As someone who believes that traditional education creates ordinary people, I believe that your school will benefit immensely from my exceptional insight into modern English education.

Some of my qualifications that might interest you include:

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing middle years curriculum and lesson plans according to the state’s educational requirements.
  • Particularly effective in integrating IB MYP into regular English curriculum, owing to 3 years of rigorous training.
  • Adept at preparing and delivering lessons to a diverse range of classes of different ages and abilities

In addition to this, I have a bachelor’s degree in education which has also helped in preparing me to meet the growing challenges of imparting education. My resume is enclosed for your review. I will call you at the end of next week to arrange a meeting. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 636-9695.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Kristen Guy

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