2 Collection Agent Resume Samples [Complete Guidance]

Updated on: October 1, 2021

If you are applying for a collection agent position, you definitely need an extraordinary resume in order to be considered.

Debt collectors or collection agents have the difficult job of pursuing payments. To do this, they have to have a certain personality, which should be clearly shown in a resume.

The resume itself should host past experience in this regard, and qualifications that show the hiring manager that the applicant is worth a shot.

In particular, a collection agent’s resume should contain information such as the ability to follow up with delinquent accounts, and experience in preventing impending loss.

This is a collection agent resume from which you can gain ideas:

Collection Agent Resume Example 1

Donald Red
1487 1st Lane, Nashua, NH 37543
(000) 965-9547


Focused Collection Agent, with more than 8 years of experience in debt collection and skip tracing. Highly motivated, and able to multitask and prioritize workload under pressure, as well as increase pace as workload demands. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a solid ability to build rapport. The team player who is capable of working additional shifts in a voluntary capacity.

Special Cases Monitoring | Collections Oversight
Financial Conflicts Management | Debt Resolution Negotiation
Data Gathering | Data Entry
Customer Education | Payment Plan Management
Collection Calling | Customer Guidance


Collection Agent
Oriental Bank, Nashua, NH
5/2016 – Present
• Successfully close 55% debt accounts, through careful and thorough follow-up
• Implement an easy payment management system, hence, increased customer payback by 30%
• Create lists of delinquent accounts
• Determine factors affecting the debtor’s responsibility to keep the account updated
• Receive and process credit and cash payments
• Prepare receipts and send them to clients
• Make outbound calls to inform clients of their debts
• Locate clients and follow up on previous commitment obligations
• Gather data, and generate reports
• Discuss sensitive financial situations with clients and supervisors
• Perform data entry on client accounts in collections
• Identify and resolve issues that affect payment handling and collection
• Process refunds and resolve billing and credit issues
• Review and monitor assigned accounts and applicable collection reports
• Handle debt settlement and negotiation work

Collections Assistant
Great Brokering Services, Nashua, NH
2/2013 – 5/2016
• Made telephone calls to delinquent account holders to provide them with status information
• Assisted clients in determining payback methods
• Provided clients with information on required actions, and timelines
• Reported on collection activity and accounts receivable statuses
• Investigated historical data of each account and past payment information

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
Nashua University, Nashua, NH – 2009

Collection Agent Resume Sample 2

Victor Garner
68 Ivory Square
Pleasanton, CA 54337
(000) 555-9654
victor @ email . com

Highly persuasive and resourceful collection agent, apt at developing viable repayment plans. A self-starter with strong analytical skills; expert in delinquent accounts handling. Track record of meeting and exceeding payment recovery targets with demonstrated ability to negotiate and problem solve quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

• Invoice and Billing • Debt Collection
• Asset Analysis • Late Payment Reminders
• Account Handling • Contract Review
• Repayment Planning • Payment Recovery
• Installment Retrieval • Financial Consultancy
• Markup Calculations • FFS Compliance


Collection Agent
WELLS FARGO, Pleasanton, CA
September 2013 – Present
Key Achievements
• Recovered 40% of the company’s outstanding dues within the first three months of hiring by implementing effective skip tracing techniques to locate the customers with pending bills.
• Reduced overall rate of late payments by devising easy to pay repayment plans and installment schemes.
• Earned ‘Employee of the Year’ Award on exceeding recovery targets for the year 2019.
Key Responsibilities
• Analyze nonpayer accounts and generate recovery priority lists and targets for the team.
• Contact the defaulting consumers and offer them viable repayment solutions in a tactful manner.
• Negotiate with customers regarding debt recoveries and issue weekly assets recovery progress reports.
• Review repayment contracts and policies to generate easy-to-pay plans in order to minimize account delinquency.

Asst. Collector
July 2011- August 2013
Key Responsibilities
• Identified delinquent accounts and systematically worked on recoveries based on priority determined by the pending amount.
• Contacted payment defaulters and consumers with late payments and prompted them for pending payments.
• Devised practical and easy installment payment plans to facilitate repayments.

Associates Degree in Asset Management

• Trilingual: Fluent in English, Spanish and French
• Strong Numeracy skills
• Driver’s License 
• Adherent to the Fair Debt Collection Act