Floater Teacher Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 16, 2018

Position Overview

A floater teacher may work in several capacities depending on where his or her services are required. The term floater indicates that the teacher does not remain in one class during the school hours.

These teachers may work in a substitute or assistant capacity, or even in a lead role. While working in a lead role, he or she may be required to teach different subjects.

Position Requirements

To work as a floater teacher, you have to possess a degree in an academic field or your choice of subject. You have to be able to create and implement instructional plans, and ensure that education is properly imparted. Also, it is the duty of a floater teacher to ensure that students are managed within the class, and in playgrounds.

Working as a floater teacher is not without challenges. You have to be on your feet all the time, moving from one classroom to another, and you have to possess exceptional grit to be able to handle several tasks at the same time. Moreover, a floater teacher needs to be exceptionally talented in the subject area that he or she is teaching, ensuring that the right material and knowledge is delivered to students.

Working as a floater teacher means that you have to be exceptionally patient, as you will come across many instances where your patience will be checked. To see what other duties you will be performing in the role of a floater teacher, have a look at the following list of duties particular to this position:


Floater Teacher Duties & Responsibilities


• Determine work duties in different callers within a work day, by going through daily schedules.

• Assist lead teachers in creating and implementing lesson plans according to established curriculum.

• Provide students with assistance in understanding homework assignments, and completing class assignments.

• Ascertain that all students follow a set behavioral pattern, ensuring that any violations or rude behavior is checked and corrected.

• Teach assigned subjects to different classes, ensuring that they comprehend complex concepts.

• Create and maintain records of students for all assigned classes, ensuring that they are kept updated and stored confidentially.

• Check and grade assignments and exam papers, according to established grading systems.

• Provide light counselling to students going through difficult times, and identify and report any problematic findings to parents and the school management.

• Ascertain that timely student assessments are carried out, and that reports are created and filed according to school protocols.

• Create and maintain an environment that is conducive to students’ learning and development.