Gym Trainer Resume Sample

Updated: May 31, 2019

A gym trainer’s resume should focus on the individual’s ability to provide group, and one on one training to clients.

Previous experience in a gym trainer position and any accomplishments that you may have had must also be part of a gym trainer’s resume.



It is important to know that your resume for a gym trainer position will decide if you will be asked in for the interview.

Hence, you have to make it a great read.

Here is a resume sample for a gym trainer position:



Gym Trainer Resume Sample


Phoebe Cates
752 Fresh Road, Lakewood, CO77873
(000) 327-4345


Exceptionally talented gym trainer, with 8+ years of experience in determining clients’ specific training needs, and providing them with related services. Highly skilled in developing plans and programs, and leading both group, and one on one training classes.


– Fitness Program Development
– Exercise Lead
– Client Monitoring
– Progress Tracking

– Client Education
– Stretching Techniques
– Emergency Assistance
– Health and Safety Regulations

– Equipment Management
– Standard Operating Procedures
– Motivation
– Nutritional Advice


  • Introduced a unique warm-up exercise, the first of its kind in the area.
  • Implemented a progress tracking system, as a result, increased tracking efficiency.
  • Devised an SOP document, hence, decreased problems associated with the following procedures.
  • Trained 150 clients in meeting their fitness goals, over a period of 5 years.


Gym Trainer
Professional Fitness, Lakewood, CO| 2012-Present

  • Welcome clients, and inquire into their specific fitness requirements.
  • Interview clients in order to figure out their goals and targets.
  • Create and implement individualized fitness plans for each client.
  • Demonstrate the use of gym equipment.
  • Inform clients of hazards associated with gym equipment use.
  • Develop diet plans in accordance with clients’ specific needs.
  • Lead group as well as one on one exercise classes.
  • Monitor client performance in order to ensure correct form.
  • Take and record body measurements.
  • Adjust clients’ fitness plans according to changing requirements.
  • Demonstrate correct warm-up and stretching exercises.
  • Perform preventative and regular maintenance on gym equipment.
  • Respond to emergencies such as injuries and accidents by administering First Aid.

Gym Intern
Max Fitness, Lakewood, CO | 2011-2012              

  • Set up and calibrated gym equipment at the beginning of the day.
  • Assisted clients in making appropriate use of equipment.
  • Cleaned and sanitized equipment, and gym areas.
  • Created and maintained records of clients.


High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Lakewood, CO 

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