CAD Design Engineer Resume Example

Updated on December 22, 2014

CAD Design engineers need to come up with really effective and impressive resumes these days to earn a job interview. Here are some guiding tips in this regard:

• Research Employer: Being the perfect fit for a job is not difficult if you know precisely the competence they are seeking in the ideal candidate. So the first step in resume writing must be research. Find out the employer’s exact needs in terms of a CAD engineer.

• Write to Impress: Keep only one goal in mind while writing your resume, i.e. to impress the employers. Give them some statistics that prove you are capable of performing well, high and above the regular duties of the role.

CAD Design Engineer Resume Example

Kyle James

670 Tulip Blvd • Middlebury, IN 76009 • (005) 444-3333 • kyle @ email . com


Results-oriented CAD professional with hands-on experience in generating design layouts, specification drawings for purchased products and models for new product development. Accomplished Computer Aided Design engineer, expert in coding and testing software, maintaining developmental methodologies and creating 2 and 3 Dimensional designs. Adept at prioritizing and completing tasks to meet the customers’ needs.


● Design Analysis● Design Generation● Drafting Assistance
● Product Model● Material Selection● ECN Processing
● Design Layout● 2D And 3D Imaging● Tooling Designs
● Documentation Analysis● Concept Troubleshoot● Uni-graphics

• Developed the initial design and various updates for a prototype fiber machine model in 2012
• Implemented Uni-graphics at the organization and coached the employees in same leading to 40% enhanced efficiency and accuracy of resultant imaging
• Reduced cycle time of a piping system by 12 minutes through effective up gradation in model

MAXLINEAR, Middlebury, IN
CAD Engineer, 4/2011 to Present
• Develop and provide detailed designs for new products along with material specifications.
• Conduct drawing and design reviews on various models for Draw and Review Boards (DRB).
• Analyze existing models and suggest corrective measures to fix practicality problems.

JAYCO, Middlebury, IN
Asst. Engineer CAD, 7/2009 to 3/2011
• Supported the planning, development, testing and release of various design kits.
• Facilitated the design teams and tool vendors in optimization of design development and infrastructure while reducing cycle time at the same time.
• Assisted in research and implementation of all CAD related software.

B.S., CAD Engineering

• American Society of CA Designers (ASCAD)
• American Design and Drafting Association (ADDA)