English Tutor Resume Sample No Experience

Updated on: February 26, 2018

A resume for English tutor position that does not boast of experience is a failed one. Right?


Everyone has to start somewhere, and a resume that does not have experience must not be labeled a failure.

Every person who writes a resume for the first time is aware of the many difficulties that most formats pose.

The experience section looms large, making us feel small and inadequate. But in actuality, you do not need to feel that way.

When hiring managers are writing ads for a position, they are quite aware of what type of applications they will receive. And for entry-level English tutor jobs, no hiring committee expects to see long accounts of work-related experience on resumes. It is a given that people applying for entry-level jobs will have a minimum or no experience at all.

Instead of concentrating on lack of experience, it is a best practice to rely on your skills and qualification for the job. Your resume is a direct reflection of what you can do and not necessarily what you have done in the past.

The following resume sample written for an English tutor with no experience should be able to help you:


English Tutor Resume Sample No Experience



Kate Wincher

93 Yates Lane | Brooklyn, NY 42012 | (000) 999-9999 | katewincher @ email . com


A friendly, approachable and hardworking individual with an exceptional interest in providing English tutoring services to assist students in comprehending language concepts. Patient and pleasant, with a demonstrated ability in communicating with people from different backgrounds.

Special talent for:
• Recognizing variations in student backgrounds, abilities and learning styles.
• Interacting with students in a friendly and respectful manner, aiming to comprehend their specific learning abilities and limitations.
• Explaining grammar in easy to understand ways without overwhelming students.
• Helping students polish their English reading and writing skills, and build upon their speaking abilities.

New York State University, Brooklyn, NY – 2015
Master’s Degree in English Literature

St. James Linguistics, Brooklyn, NY – 2016
TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language


• Activities-based Teaching Methods • Student Evaluation
• Linguistic Models • Vocabulary Building
• Student Interaction • Comprehension Assessments
• TESL • Holistic and Analytic Responses
• Learning Facilitation • Communication


Teacher Assistant | 5/2016 – 10/2016
The Sunshine Kids, Brooklyn, NY
• Evaluated students based on their abilities and limitations and created and implemented core English language programs to help them learn the language.
• Assisted in developing and implementing lessons according to the instructions provided by lead teachers.
• Provided support to students on a one-on-one basis in difficult areas such as grammatical concepts and pronunciations.
• Assisted the lead teacher in marking assignments and papers, and helped students in their specific weak areas.

New York State University, Brooklyn, NY | 2/2013 – 12/2015
• Selected as the university representative for the American Literary Festival held in Brooklyn in May 2016.
• Elected as president of the university literary club for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015).