Entry-Level Math Tutor Resume No Experience

Updated on: May 13, 2022

If you are skilled in teaching math concepts to students, you can be a great choice to hire an entry-level math tutor position.

However, it is necessary to convince the hiring manager that even though you do not have experience, you are still a great person to hire.

A Math Tutor Resume with no experience is not always judged. In fact, some hiring managers may want to hire you by just looking at how much you know about the subject.

Technically, your resume needs to be well-structured, with important information such as your skills in teaching math thrown in.

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Here is a resume sample for an entry-level math tutor who has no prior experience in hand.

Entry Level Math Tutor Resume No Experience

Samuel Fry
100 Helena Road
West Chester, PA62593
(000) 999-9999


Fresh and energetic math tutor, eager to impart mathematic education to students at ABC School. Familiar with modern teaching methodologies and techniques. Able to provide assistance with difficult concepts, such as theorems and algebra.

MS Degree in Mathematics
West Chester University, West Chester, PA – 2022


Classroom Aide
Monumental Tutors, West Chester, PA
Jan 2022 – May 2022
• Assisted in creating resources for teaching mathematics concepts.
• Identified and developed intervention strategies in order to help struggling students.
• Developed training materials such as handouts, and quizzes.
• Provided support in preparing lessons.
• Reviewed class materials by discussing them with students in order to help them understand concepts.
• Took and recorded attendance.
• Oversaw student activity during exam or quiz time.
• Supported students in meeting their academic goals.
• Provided special tutoring assistance to students.
• Maintained awareness of goals and strategies.

Monumental Tutors, West Chester, PA
Oct 2021 – Dec 2021
• Collected data to support math progress.
• Checked school work in order to determine curriculum.
• Assisted students in understanding complex concepts in algebra and geometry.
• Prepared students for exams and tests.
• Identified students’ specific learning requirements.
• Provided feedback to math tutors about student progress and limitations.
• Ensured that students behaved well during tutoring sessions.

– Research – Teaching Methodologies
– Development – Behavior Management
– Academic Support – Exam Readiness
– Performance Monitoring – ReviewResource Development
– Records Maintenance – Progress Feedback

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