English Tutor Cover Letter

Updated on March 15, 2018


Effective cover letters for English Teacher position persuade an employer that your future goals are in sync with the institute’s mission, and convinces him that your skills align with the position requirements. That is it.

But, to do this, a lot needs to go into making it a perfect read.

Things to Do
❖ Create a new cover letter for each job application
❖ Use power words to relate your accomplishments and qualifications
❖ Be brief, concise and to the point
❖ Give the impression of modest confidence
❖ Use white or off-white paper to print your cover letter

Things NOT to Do
❖ Repeat what is already mentioned in your resume
❖ Use stereotype, trite phrases
❖ Boast to the extent that you become unbelievable
❖ Fail to proofread
❖ Use company’s letterhead or stationery
❖ Be too formal or too casual

These dos and don’ts should cover your cover letter writing endeavors. Just remember that anything that comes across as unbelievable or boastful is sure to put your candidature for a job in danger.

You lose many points with the employer when you are trying to impress him but end up doing the opposite.

A wowing start, a rocking middle paragraph or two and a brilliant action close is all that you need to succeed. Here is a sample:


English Tutor Cover Letter Sample



652 North 7th Street
Pasadena, CA 21414

March 15, 2018

Mr. Jason Hill
Hiring Manager
The Knowledge Roundtable
333 E Walnut Street
Pasadena, CA 22965


Dear Mr. Hill:

I am writing to apply for English Tutor job. Throughout my career as an English teacher, I focused on building concepts, which is more important than just teaching.

As an English tutor, my strengths in recognizing variations in student backgrounds and learning styles is what makes me successful. I have been known for my profound ability to explain grammar concepts and literary reviews without overwhelming my tutees.

Possessing a knack for listening actively and effectively to identify and resolve students’ problems and facilitate learning for them in an in-home environment, I believe that I will be an excellent addition to the team of tutors at The Knowledge Roundtable.

Let’s meet soon so that we can discuss this position in detail. I will be in touch regarding an interview. Alternately, I can be reached at (555) 555-5555.



Peter Gomez

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