Bakery Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: April 18, 2018

Do you believe that resumes are not a snapshot of your experiences?

A Bakery Worker resume is a comprehensive document that includes everything but the kitchen sink.

The reason that a resume is so wide-ranging is the fact that it needs to add a lot of information – and that too on different levels.

Beginning with a resume objective/profile and ending with information on your last educational degree is the essence of a resume. But what comes between the resume objective/profile and educational information is necessary too. Each part of the resume must be paid particular attention to. There is nothing more annoying than reading a long resume that has nothing much to say – a solid recipe for disaster.

For your ease, we have provided a resume sample for you to look at:


Bakery Worker Resume Example



Paul Wallace

581 Chicago Avenue ● Tampa, ID 83210 ● (000) 121-3212 ● [Email]

Bakery Worker

Reliable and hardworking bakery professional with practical experience in handling both front end and back end operations of medium and large bakery settings. Able to handle high volume of baking work by ensuring quality and timeliness.

• Strategically prepared and produced baked products according to company’s specifications and time frame instructions
• Adept at preparing different types of dough mixtures in accordance to set production recipes
• Familiarity with applying decorations on baked goods such as cakes and cookies
• Highly effective customer service skills with a view to ensuring recurrent business opportunities


– Cake designing – Recipe development – Fondant
– Buttercream – Pie production – Conveyor belt management
– Layering – No-bake cakes – Decorating tools
– Figure making – Communication – Food safety and hygiene

• Introduced the concept of using conveyor belts for baked goods which reduced cooling and setting time by 60%
• Singlehandedly baked and decorated a 20lb My Little Pony fondant cake, which took 3 days to complete
• Invented in-house fondant in 17 different colors which decreased the cost of buying from the market by 80%
• Acquired a set of 8500 piece decorating tools, unlike those available with other competitors in the area


Bakery Worker
Perfect Pastry, Tampa, ID | 11/2011 to Present
• Read work orders to determine type and quantity of baked goods to be produced each day
• Refer to specific recipes to ensure that all ingredients are available
• Set out ingredients to be used and ensure that any missing ingredient is procured immediately
• Look through recipes and comprehend how much of each ingredient needs to be used
• Weigh and pour ingredients together according to specific instructions provided in the recipe
• Mix ingredients to make the batter for cookies, cakes, and bread
• Pour mixed batter into baking pans and trays and put them in preset ovens
• Remove and cool baked goods and assist bakers in decorating them using buttercream, frosting and/or fondant
• Assist in creating figurines out of buttercream and fondant
• Pack finished items in appropriate packing and transport them to the bakery (front end)
• Greet customers and assist them in choosing baked items
• Pick up chosen items from the display units and pack them in appropriate boxes
• Ring up customers’ purchases by processing cash and credit card payments
• Take orders for special baking items such as birthday and wedding cakes

Bakery Aide | Redolence, Tampa, ID | 1/2011 to 11/2011
• Looked through recipes to determine ingredients needed for each baked product
• Set out needed ingredients and poured them out into bowls
• Ascertained that sufficient amount of raw materials are available
• Cleaned and maintained work areas and performed preventative and general maintenance on baking equipment and tools

Associate’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts

• Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
• Bakery Management Software