Dance Teacher Resume Sample

Updated: November 26, 2020

Simone Jones
4332 Dex Road, Burke, SD 55210
(000) 325-9580
simone.jones @ email . com

Outgoing personality and great with students, staff, and clients.

Results-oriented Dance Teacher with 9+ years of hands-on experience in teaching theory and practice of many dance forms including Hip Hop, Jazz, Tango, Classical, and Ballet. Highly patient and exceptionally well-versed in providing both group instruction and individualized attention. Team player with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Enjoys the social aspect of teaching.

• Building a classroom environment conducive to the love of different dance forms.
• Competent in collaborating with other dance teachers to build high class dance programs.
• Provides students with information and backgrounds of dance forms.
• Demonstrated expertise in engaging students with a repertoire that is relevant to their interests and lives.

✓ Program Development
✓ Interest Development
✓ Student Evaluation
✓ Performance Management
✓ Choreography Support
✓ Group Instruction
✓ Student Engagement

✓ Introduced Indian Classical dance as part of the dance program resulting in more than 100 students registering for it.
✓ Implemented the leveled teaching technique which was considered highly successful in teaching students belonging to different age groups.
✓ Chosen to provide choreography assistance for 3 short musical films, currently being played in the cinemas.
✓ Devised a student evaluation program, replacing the old, inefficient one.


Dance Teacher
Ovation Studios, Burke, SD
8/2012 – Present

• Engage students in conversation to determine what time of dances they are interested in.
• Provide theoretical instruction to students pertaining to their chosen dance forms.
• Show students the moves and techniques used in each dance form such as Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop.
• Assist students with their techniques and methods on a one on one, and group basis.
• Ascertain that all students follow instructions completely and provide additional help to struggling ones.
• Create, design, and develop lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each dance student.
• Provide leadership and vision in all areas of dance curriculum including theory, performance, and technique.
• Evaluate students by implementing a series of assessment metrics identifying areas for improvement.

Dance Teacher Assistant
Fredrick High School, Burke, SD
2/2008 – 8/2012

• Assisted lead dance teacher in providing students with dance technique information.
• Organized students properly on the stage or dance floor before the beginning of a class.
• Ascertained that each student was given proper instructions and helped fix all students’ dance techniques.
• Managed student behavior within the dance class, ensuring that any issues or problems were immediately handled.
• Created and managed records of students’, ensuring that they were updated on a regular basis.

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts
South Dakota State University, Burke, SD – 2005

“I offer a passion for fitness and strong customer service-orientation.”