Dance Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 22, 2017


Your Dance Teacher cover letter should be unique – even if you have written one for the umpteenth time.

Cover letters that are boring and predictable often bring no results. And you don’t want to be in a situation where the effort that you have placed into writing a cover letter was immense, but the result was nothing much to write home about.

A cover letter’s purpose is to reach the hiring manager on certain levels, and unless it can do this, it is not considered workable.

How does one make a cover letter “workable”?

A cover letter is accepted and liked by a hiring manager only when it says what the hiring manager wants to read. The fact that you are an awesome candidate for a job should be made obvious in a cover letter. If your skills and qualifications are at par with what the hiring manager is looking for, it should be mentioned in the letter. Here is a sample:


Dance Teacher Cover Letter Example



524 Clover Street
Sioux Falls, SD 20145

November 22, 2017

Mr. Craig Cooper
Human Resource Manager
Ovation Studios
585 Oleanna Road
Sioux Falls, SD 40201


Dear Mr. Cooper:

It was not long ago that I was a dance student at Ovation Studios – and it is time to give back what I got from here. Upon hearing that the school is actively looking for a dance teacher for its team of instructors, I could not help but offer my services. Offering dance instruction in many forms, including Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop, I am sure I will be welcomed with open arms and hearts.

Right after I graduated from Ovation Studios, I was commissioned for many different dance projects, including a choreography project for a Hollywood film. This experience coupled with exceptional skills in developing, supervising, and conducting various types of group dance lessons for age groups ranging from four year olds to adults, will come in handy when catering to the learning needs of a diverse student population.

In addition to this, I have been known to provide vision and leadership in teaching all areas of dance curriculum, such as theory, techniques, and performance.

My students have always loved me, owing to my enthusiasm, giving nature, and the way in which I encourage them to succeed. I anticipate that after meeting with me, you will be equally convinced that I am the person to hire as a dance teacher at Ovation Studios. I will contact you after 5 working days to set up a meeting time.




Sophia Jacob
(000) 412-4121
Attachment: (Resume)