Child Care Teacher Resume Example

Updated on October 16, 2016

Child care is a very demanding job, especially if it is someone else’s child that you have to look after. And if you are a child care teacher, your job becomes all the more difficult because you have a lot of responsibility on your hands.

When applying for a job as a child care teacher, how do you make sure that your resume holds up?

You orient it in a way that it does not only reflect your ability to meet the employer’s requirements but also those of the children that you will eventually be looking after.

Here is how:


Child Care Teacher Resume Example


Gemma Stuart

753 Brick Road ● Foley, MN 29032 ● (000) 125-9745 ● gemmastu @ email . com


Performance Summary
Licensed child care teacher with 5 years’ track record of success working in a preschool environment. Highly skilled in designing suitable teaching materials to help children learn and grow across several platforms.

• Effectively designs and implements core preschool curriculum to meet the emotional, social, cognitive and educational needs of young students
• Hands-on experience in balancing teaching methods between logical and social exercises
• Proven record of using a wide range of teaching methods including stories and media to help enhance students’ abilities
• Deep insight into evaluating students’ performance to ensure efficacy of learning programs


• Activities-based Learning• Curriculum Development• Student Evaluation
• Behavior Management• Material Development• Outdoor Activities
• Record Keeping• Balanced Instruction• Remedial Programs
• Tests Development• Grading System• Emergency Response


Child Care Teacher
Care Group, Foley, MN (6/2013 – Present)

• Introduce the concept of activities-based learning which increased student enrollment by 52%
• Develop a core nursery program which can be tweaked to meet the individual needs of students
• Confer with school management to determine core curriculum for young students
• Design, develop and impart lessons to meet the individual needs of each student
• Oversee students’ cognitive, social and educational development by actively interacting with each one of them
• Handle behavioral problems by enforcing behavioral rules and regulations
• Assist students with their classwork and during lunch time

Child Care Teacher
Community School, Foley, MN (9/2011 – 6/2013)

• Pioneered a standardized student evaluation system that reduced assessment time by 66%
• Saved a child’s life who was choking on a grape by actively responding to the emergency with a sense of presence
• Provided guidance and assistance to students during playtime and ensure their security and safety by keeping a constant watch
• Assessed students to determine need for extra care or coaching and create dedicated programs aimed at their special care
• Provided basic care such as toileting and changing for young children
• Met parents to provide them with information on how their children were progressing in class

Assistant Child Care Teacher
Young Hearts, Atlantic City, NJ  (1/2010 – 9/2011)

• Assisted lead teacher in implementing lessons to help children develop their social, emotional and educational skills
• Observed students to ensure their safety and made sure that they were at par with what was being taught to them
• Provided assistance during lunch time and outdoor activities and kept a constant watch on them
• Ascertained that any signs of distress from the students’ end are addressed immediately and reported to the lead teacher
• Handled student record keeping activities by keeping confidentiality in check

University of Minnesota, Foley, MN – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Major: Early Childhood Education

• MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Classroom Management Software

Minnesota Teaching License

Member: Teachers Association of Minnesota

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