Childcare teachers implement educational programs in a classroom environment. They supervise children in terms of behavior and ensure that all classroom activities are carried out in a safe manner and are conducive to the educational requirements of individual children. People who want to work as childcare teachers need to be trained in handling the educational needs of young students.

While some childcare teachers may work at daycare centers and people’s homes, most work in an academic environment. The work of a childcare teacher is not much different from that of a preschool teacher as both are required to assist in the cognitive, social, physical and mental development of the students that they are responsible for.


Childcare Teacher Cover Letter Sample


339 Grapevine Circle
Londonderry, NH 12073

April 25, 2016

Mr. David Ryan
Millbrook School
891 Shasta Road
Londonderry, NH 63726


Dear Mr. Ryan:

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as a formal application for the position of a Childcare Teacher at Millbrook School. My resume briefly outlines 9 years’ experience in the field of education with a special focus on the preschool settings.

I believe that all children are extremely important to the future of our country which is why I have always taken great steps to ensure that each child under my care is provided with the best in preliminary education. Since the formative years of every child can make or break their personalities and self-confidence, I ensure paying special attention to all of them – no matter how time taking the process is.

Furthermore, I am very expert in curriculum development and lesson planning based on students’ individual needs. Over the years, I have gauged that children do not only need to be academically focused; the need for nurturing and providing them with a safe environment is as important. My focus has always been on ensuring that children learn through fun activities which ensure that their academic and social needs are fulfilled while they are at school. I have never had much problem with children’s behavior issues as I am well versed with the art of “distraction” when it comes to unruly behavior.

I am positive that you will find my resume and associated credentials interesting. I would like to obtain a chance of an interview to further discuss the value that I could bring to your school. Please call me at (000) 333-2120 if you need any additional information regarding my suitability for this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Alice Wonka

Enc. Resume