Child Care Teacher Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 16, 2018

Writing an effective resume for child care teacher assistant position requires time and effort.

Let’s leave our apprehensions behind, and get to work.

Here is a sample to help you:




Child Care Teacher Assistant Resume Example



Laura Turner

263 Freddy Avenue, Chicago, IL 31124
(000) 525-2015
lairaturn @ email . com


Nurturing and resourceful child care teacher assistant with 6+ years of extensive experience in providing physical, cognitive, and academic support to assigned students. Highly skilled in assisting in developing lesson plans, according to the individual needs of each student. Known for establishing and maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment.


– Lesson Planning – Student Oversight – Meal Assistance
– Positive Interaction – Facility Compliance – Inclusion
– Relationship Development – Child Evaluation – Emergency Response
– Behavior Management – Discipline Assurance – Resource Development

• Devised and implemented an inclusion program, which allowed students with special needs to work with other children, in a suitable environment.
• Implemented a behavior management program, which proved to be 65% more successful than the one already being followed.
• Successfully developed a range of resources, to help students understand concepts taught to them in school.
• Trained 7 other teacher assistance in handling behavior management activities, as part of their training.


Child Care Teacher Assistant
Little Wren Child Care, Chicago, IL | 2013-Present
• Interact with children to determine their specific personalities, likes, and dislikes.
• Assist lead teachers in developing and implementing core lesson plans, according to the specific needs of each student.
• Provide support in creating and implementing learning resources for children, based on their abilities to comprehend new ideas.
• Supervise assigned children, ensuring that their safety and wellbeing is kept a priority.
• Oversee the activities of children in the playground, and take special measures to ensure that accidents and injuries are kept to a minimum.
• Assist children with personal hygiene, by changing diapers, assisting with toileting, and washing up.
• Oversee and help children during meal times, by opening their lunch boxes, and showing them table manners.
• Evaluate children on a regular basis, and communicate any issues or observations to the lead teacher.

Babysitting Inc., Chicago, IL | 2012 – 2013
• Assisted parents by looking after their children, during office hours, and in cases of emergencies.
• Provided homework support to children, and handled school runs.
• Oversaw children’s activities within the house, ensuring that they do not do anything not allowed by their parents.
• Monitor children in parks or on play dates, ensuring their safety and wellbeing all through.
• Helped children keep good hygiene, by explaining to them the importance of cleanliness.

Illinois State University, Chicago, IL – 2009
Bachelor of Science in Education
Major: Early Childhood Education