Business Teacher Resume Sample

Updated: December 25, 2022

Writing a business teacher resume requires a great amount of self-reflection.

For someone who doesn’t know you from Adam, reading all about you in an interesting way will be all that is required to help him decide that you are the one he wants to hire.

Failure to do so will probably result in him or her picking up another resume and ditching yours. Don’t let that happen.

Refer to the following resume sample for the business teacher position.

Business Teacher Resume Example

Jake Lord
62 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA 58520
(000) 854-9655
jakelord @ email . com


Top performing Business Teacher with over 6 years of successful experience in teaching concepts of business and economics to students. A passionate individual who has an open mind and an ability to engage students by encouraging them to ask questions.

• Highly experienced in preparing and delivering lectures on topics such as principles of marketing and business operations.
• Hands-on experience in improving students’ comprehension of business practices through research and practical exposure.
• Adept at writing grant proposals to gain funding for further research in business.
• Exceptionally well-versed in creating projects to enhance lectures and build upon concepts already taught in class.

• Curriculum Development • Student Assessment
• Lesson Planning • One-on-One Assistance
• Behavioral Management • Communication
• Discussion Facilitation • Curricula Revision
• Grading • Growth Monitoring

• Created and implemented an of its kind business curriculum which provided ease in incorporating revisions.
• Successfully incorporated detailed economics and finance sections in pure business education programs, providing students with a better comprehension of the relationship.
• Responsible for ensuring that none of the 200 students taught in the last 4 years, obtained a grade lower than B.
• Singlehandedly prepared a set of 1500 visual aids to assist business students in comprehending complex questions.


Business Teacher
Some School, Oakland, CA
6/2018 – Present
• Create and implement core business studies curriculum in accordance with state and federal requirements
• Build and implement lesson plans according to the set curriculum.
• Provide additional assistance for difficult-to-understand concepts.
• Provide students with insight into concepts of business, with a special focus on marketing, management, HR, and finance.
• Research for learning materials to assist in explaining complex business theories and ensure that they are relevantly used in class.

Business Teacher
DT Academy, Oakland, CA
7/2014 – 6/2018
• Instructed basic subject matters pertaining to business and economics.
• Created, maintained, and updated records of students in a confidential manner.
• Established a standard of student behavior and monitored each student to ensure that standards are adhered to.
• Evaluated existing curricula and proposed changes to them in a bid to keep current with concepts and theories.

Teacher Assistant
Oakland Business Schools, Oakland, CA
2/2013 – 5/2014
• Assisted the lead teacher in creating and implementing business lesson plans according to the curriculum.
• Provided support in handing out class and home assignments and checking and grading them.
• Ascertained that classroom behavior standards were maintained by monitoring students constantly.
• Maintained students’ attendance records and grades in predefined formats.
• Researched materials and created teaching aids to assist the lead teacher in imparting instruction.

Master’s Degree in Business Studies 
California State University, Oakland, CA