6 Business Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 25, 2022

A business teacher interview is usually the final step in obtaining your dream job.

In the interview, you will be asked different types of questions. Some interview questions are easily breezed through. Others, such as the classic what are your weaknesses are difficult to answer.

Business teacher job interviews are usually considered unpleasant chores that all of us must go through to get the job of our dreams. It is easy to talk about why you are a great fit, but when it comes to remarking on your weaknesses, one gets stuck.

The following set of interview questions and answers addresses this concern – and also gives you other questions that you can prepare for when appearing for a business teacher interview:

Business Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

1. What makes you a great candidate to work as a business teacher at our college?
I possess a master’s degree in business studies from the Oakland Business School. In addition to my degree, I have over 9 years of experience teaching concepts of business and related subjects to students. My teaching methods are novel, and my students take to me because of my ability to reach out to each one of them on an individual level. I believe that the amalgamation of all these makes me a great person to work as a business teacher at your college.

2. Tell us about at least one of your weaknesses.
I believe that at times, I become too overenthusiastic when I am teaching. The subject of business fascinates me so much that I tend to get excited during lectures. But I have developed a measure a control recently and hope to keep it this way!

3. What is your strongest subject matter while teaching business?
I not only enjoy teaching marketing the most, but it is also something in that I excel. Considering the fact that marketing concepts remain the same but ways of marketing keep changing due to the influx of technology, this area in business education fascinates me no end.

4. Recount a time that you had a bad experience with a student.
I was once teaching a class in which one student was always aloof. He had no friends and he was certainly not interested in what business education had to offer. Essentially, he was a quiet observer in class, despite my best efforts to get him to participate. One day, during an ordinary lecture in marketing and finance, he got up from his seat and approached me – with a knife. I was dumbfounded and had it not been for other students who held on to him, well, I would have been a very injured man! Later, I found out that he was schizophrenic, and had a history of violence, especially when he was made to do things that he didn’t like doing.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I hope to be teaching advanced business studies at your college.

6. What is your biggest accomplishment?
From the time that I have begun teaching business studies, I have not had a single student who attained anything lower than a B grade – a whopping 95% have obtained A grades!