Business Teacher Cover Letter Example

Updated June 21, 2017

As insight goes, a cover letter is perhaps the best way to forward your inner abilities to do a business teacher job perfectly. Sadly, many of us do not bother to make time to write one, resulting in leaving interviews on the table. Even the most brilliantly written resume needs the support of a cover letter to help it get through the system.

If time is a constraint, send your business teacher resume in an email and use the email content as a cover letter. But never opt to leave it out completely. When a prospective employer sees a lone resume, the impact isn’t all that great.

To be able to truly do justice to your abilities, a cover letter must be sent along. What you write in a cover letter is your business – as long as what you write correctly highlights your worth to an employer who hasn’t even spoken to you over the telephone yet! Make the impact strong and then wait for the interview call.

To delve deep into what a business teacher cover letter should essentially look like, refer to the sample below:


Business Teacher Cover Letter Example


965 City Heights
Compton, CA 96521

June 21, 2017

Mr. Sam Hanks
Quinault Business College
696 Apple Street
Compton, CA 99898


Dear Mr. Hanks:

Knowing perfectly well the ins and outs of the business programs offered at Quinault Business School, I believe I have all the skills and abilities that make me a suitable candidate to work as a Business Teacher.

My major attributes includes:

• Successful track record of creating and implementing core business lesson plans to teach students the concepts of business and related subjects.

• Hands-on experience in evaluating students to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses, and providing insight into program selection.

• Special talent for performing detailed research work aimed at creating relevant learning aids, especially for complex business, economics and finance topics.

• Unmatched ability to demonstrate sound classroom practices and innovation through implementation of diverse and novel teaching practices.

My friendly manner, meticulousness, and the ability to remain approachable to students has earned me a great reputation as a “fun teacher”. To demonstrate that my teaching methods are not just fun but are spot on with your requirements, I would like to meet with you in person. I can be contacted at (000) 444-1541 if you need to reach me for further information.



Sandra Lockhead

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