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Hair Salon Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Your first connection with a prospective employer must be eclectic. Employers need to know the people that they will eventually hire on more levels than one. If you provide a varied insight into your professional life in a cover letter for a hair salon receptionist resume, you may be considered a favorable candidate and an… Read More »

Beauty Salon Receptionist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Position Overview It is not easy being the “face” of an organization as everyone tends to judge the organization by what the “face” can do! Having said that, the first point of contact in any organization is the most important person! A receptionist at a beauty salon, for instance, comes in contact with many people… Read More »

Salon Receptionist Resume Example

How to Write a Professional Salon Receptionist Resume? A Salon Receptionist’s resume needs to be as concise as possible; two pages are the maximum length. Emphasize your personable approach, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate professionally and courteously. Your resume should be printed on A4-sized paper. If sending online, it should be in… Read More »