Honey Farm Apiary Worker (Beekeeper) Resume Sample

Updated: May 29, 2023

Are you seeking work as an apiary worker or beekeeper?

We are here to guide you in building an impressive resume to apply for a beekeeper job.

Here are some useful resume-writing tips for you:

  • Read the job description very carefully and then align your experiences and skills to suit the requirements of the employers.
  • Top your resume with a career snapshot in the form of highlights that introduces you in a very impressive manner while summarizing your key strengths and work acumen.
  • Keep your resume short, concise, and easy to read.

Below is an Apiary / Honey farm worker/beekeeper resume sample for your guidance in this regard:

Beekeeper Resume Sample

Ronald Wilson
512 Mayfair Avenue
Tampa FL 25014
(000) 362-6256
ronald. wilson @ email . com

• Dedicated and hardworking apiary worker with 8 years of experience in beekeeping, and managing colonies of honeybees for the production of honey.
• Extensive knowledge of nectar-producing plants, entomology, and pollination process.
• Proficient in monitoring bee health and maintaining bee colonies.
• Well-versed in monitoring habits and yearly cycles of queen bees.
• Strong team player with excellent communication and recordkeeping skills.
• Expert in feeding and medicating bees and maintaining hives in a healthy state.
• Apt at honey frame assembly, building, painting, and repairing honey boxes.
• Familiar with the use of protective gear needed to work with bees.


Apiary Worker
Stroope Honey Farm, Tampa FL
Feb 2020 – Present
• Maintain the hives in a neat and clean condition and monitored the colonies for larvae and pests.
• Negotiate with vendors and agencies to agree upon the best prices.
• Install extra boxes and frames to provide for the growing needs of space for honey production and nectar collection.
• Remove diseased bee colonies and cultivate new ones to produce healthy colonies.
• Inspect honey combs periodically to assess the health of bees and ensure the quality of honey.

Lemoyne’s Honey Farm, Tampa FL
March 2016 – Feb 2020
• Harvested honey from honeycombs and transported the same for processing after weighing and packaging.
• Assisted in transporting honey products to supermarkets and stores after negotiating with dealers.
• Facilitated pollination by placing frames near flower orchards and clover fields.
• Plugged the entrance of beehives to restrict unnecessary movement of bees.
• Carried out necessary first aid on employees that were stung by bees.

High School Diploma
Steinbrenner HighSchool, Tampa FL

CPR and first aid

• Communication
• Attention to detail
• Dexterous
• Team player

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