Sample Reference Letter from an RN for a CNA

Updated on: January 16, 2021

A reference letter written by a registered nurse for a certified nursing assistant should confirm a CNA’s skills, qualifications, attitude, and experience. 

Usually, a reference letter includes praises about an individual by a supervisory authority, charting out reasons to hire or place them in a CNA capacity. In order to influence a decision maker’s choice, it is important to write a reference letter that will highlight the CNA’s best accomplishments. The aim of such a letter is to provide support, which will eventually help the reader decide in their favor.

Usually, a registered nurse, who is in a supervisory or nurse manager role writes reference letters for certified nursing assistants. The content of such a reference letter can include:

Reference and Recommendation Letter Sample from an RN for a CNA

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is in support of Tanya Bridges who has been working as a certified nursing assistant at Nightingale Hospital under my supervision for the last 12 months. I would like to recommend her for the open position of a CNA at your hospital, where I am sure that she will become a dedicated member of your team.

I can safely say that Tanys is an excellent nursing assistant in all capacities. Because of her overwhelming compassion for her patients, she always goes the extra mile to make them comfortable, and pain-free. She has worked in several departments over the months, including pediatric, hematology, and oncology, and has shown her mettle wonderfully in all these departments. Her cooperative attitude has served her patients, and her team quite well. Also, she is known to remain calm under intense pressure.

Furthermore, Tanya has a gift for making people comfortable with her, which serves well when she is working with trauma patients. She is also well-versed in using technological tools and equipment to provide exceptional nursing services and is usually the choice to assist in complicated cases.

As someone who has the drive and passion to work in a positive capacity at all times, she will be an asset to any organization that will hire her. It is my pleasure to refer her to fill an available position at your facility. If you need any further information regarding Tanya Bridges’ work expertise, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,


Nancy Miller
Registered Nurse
Nightingale Hospital
(000) 121-2252

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