Parking Enforcement Officer Job Description for Resume

Updated on September 30, 2017

Position Overview

Parking enforcement officers are hired by facilities that have huge parking lots, and need someone to make sure that parking rules are enforced properly.

Usually, universities, schools, colleges, residential facilities, event complexes, malls, and hotels secure the services of parking enforcement officers. These people are responsible for making sure that all parking rules and regulations are followed properly, and that any violations are taken care of according to protocol.

Educational Requirements

To work as a parking enforcement officer requires a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. If you have worked in a similar capacity before, you will of course know most of what there is to know about this work, and will need little or no training to work in this capacity.

Skills Requirement

As a parking enforcement officer, not only do you need consummate skills in enforcing parking rules and regulations, you also need to possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. In addition to this, you have to have a full head of knowledge about rules and regulations regarding parking enforcement. Also, you will need to possess exceptional skills in dealing with people in a friendly and non-combative manner. Furthermore, it is imperative for you to possess exceptional time management skills, and the ability to manage workload in an efficient manner.

What follows is a list of duties particular to the position of a parking enforcement officer:


Job Description for Parking Enforcement Officer Resume


• Assist vehicle owners in locating safe parking spaces, and provide support in maneuvering their vehicles into them

• Ascertain that all vehicle owners are made aware of any violations that they are in danger of performing, before they perform it

• Perform ticketing of vehicles within assigned areas, and write citations according to specified situations

• Perform periodic checks and inspections of assigned parking areas, ensuring that all is in order

• Build rapport with vehicle owners by engaging them in pleasant conversation, ensuring that they feel welcome
at the facility

• Provide vehicle owners with information on how to work parking meters, and issue timed tickets as appropriate

• Patrol assigned parking areas to ensure that all vehicles are safe during the time they are parked

• Make radio dispatch calls regarding parking violations and complaints, and address them according to protocol

• Report any problems or incidents such as accidents or nefarious activities within assigned areas, to ensure
that they are taken care of immediately

• Ascertain that all parking meters are in good working order, and that proper maintenance is performed on them

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