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17 Procurement and Logistics Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Working as a procurement and logistics officer is a great responsibility.  You have to do two things at the same time, and each work has a list of responsibilities attached to it. That is why hiring managers scrutinize candidates much at the interview. To see what questions you may come across when appearing for an… Read More »

Logistics Officer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Logistics Officer Job Description Logistic officers work in a variety of settings including retail, manufacturing, NGOs, and government organizations. They are considered as important contributors to the successful operations of the organization that they are working for, as without them, the company may crumple under the weight of the logistical load. To work as a… Read More »

Logistics Resume Sample

Logistics professionals may work in the food industry or in a trucking equipment company. Whichever industry they work in, they are responsible for order tracking, merchandise management, and shipping activities. People working in the logistics department need to be well versed in procurement and manufacturing processes. The following resume sample will provide you with a… Read More »