Detention Officer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 25, 2022
Position Overview

A detention officer is usually hired to manage inmate handling and operational duties in a detention facility or jail.

These individuals are specially trained to handle inmates so that their time within the facility is spent safely, and that no untoward incidents transpire.

Working as a detention officer means that you will need to be vigilant at all times, and possess the agility to handle inmates physically when and if required.

Position Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a detention officer.

Most of the training is provided on the job through in-service training programs that are particular to the state where one is working.

In addition to a GED or an equivalence certificate, it is important for people opting to take this up as a career to understand that each day will be a different one, with different challenges.

Working as a detention officer means that you will need to be insightful and analytic, as you will often come across situations where things can get out of control.

You will need to keep an eye out for trouble and intervene during instances of violent behavior.

Other duties of a detention officer include:

Job Description for Detention Officer Resume

• Receive new inmates and indulge in induction procedures to ensure that they are made familiar with the facility and its rules.

• Coordinate services to ensure that inmates have access to clothes, supplies, and medicines that they need.

• Complete paperwork regarding each inmate and ensure that it is properly filed in the facility database.

• Assign cells to each inmate and brief them with information on banned contraband items.

• Monitor cell activity to ensure that no issues or problems prevail, and handle issues if they do transpire.

• Exercise surveillance and control over inmates to ensure discipline and order.

• Handle inventory of all equipment and supplies related to the facility and create and maintain active contact with vendors for timely supply.

• Oversee inmate activities during recreation time and intervene in case of any issue or misdemeanor on the part of inmates.

• Conduct security and sanitation checks on all assigned areas and address any problems immediately.

• Ensure that all communication equipment is in good working condition and operational during the shift.

• Enforce rules and regulations of the facility by ensuring that both staff members and inmates follow them effectively.

• Escort inmates to doctors’ appointments and court hearings, while ensuring that they are properly restrained and kept safe from external dangers.

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