Administrative Officer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 1, 2021

In different types of organizations, the work of administrative officers differs.

This means that they may be entrusted with dozens of duties spanning many departments within one company, or maybe required to handle ones related to just one department.

The type of work that they have to do particularly depends on their individual settings, however, the basic work remains the same. Administrative officers provide logistical, administrative support to different departments by ensuring that all systems are in check and any problems are handled in a time-efficient manner.

Administrative officers need to be organized in the head. To be able to effectively carry out this work, they should be able to multitask and ensure that everything entrusted to them is handled with an iron fist.

Since they provide support to many different departments, it is important for them to be insightful of all of them. This requires knowledge of marketing, accounting, and recruitment work which is why administrative officers have often deemed jacks of all trades.

Here is what you will be doing on a typical workday:

Duties and Responsibilities to Add in an Administrative Officer Resume

• Greet customers and visitors and provide them with information on the company’s products and services.
• Take and pass on messages to staff members and ensure that important calls are properly screened and transferred.
• Create schedules and ensure that each staff member is aware of his or her work duties and carries them out properly.
• Conduct orientation programs for new employees and provide assistance in inducting them into the system properly.
• Create and implement core administrative policies and procedures to assist all departments.
• Coordinate the efforts of all departments such as marketing and recruitment to ensure that project deadline are met.
• Assist the accounting department with logistics such as creating timesheets and providing information for payroll purposes.
• Provide assistance in staff training and development efforts and promotions and assessments.
• Review incoming correspondence and ensure that it is answered appropriately.
• Provide assistance with special projects such as periodic product promotions and marketing efforts.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of office supplies and equipment.

Position Requirements

To work at this position, one has to possess a high school diploma at the very least, although some organizations may want to hire people who have a bachelor’s degree in business at the very minimum.

If you can easily fathom administrative issues, handle adversities and work in an organized manner, this work is for you.