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Skills Needed for Office Clerk Job

What are your skills as an office clerk? How would you effectively use your skills to contribute to the prospective company? These are questions that you will be asked at interviews. But these questions are not limited to just the interview stage. Often, employers have these questions in mind when they look through your resume.… Read More »

15 Office Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Appearing in an Office Clerk Interview requires preparation as you need to answer questions and create a discussion. Interviews conducted for positions of high responsibility, such as those in the administrative or clerical field are quite tricky. Since a company runs on the shoulders of its administrative and clerical staff, it is essential that the… Read More »

General Office Clerk Resume Sample

Sending an application for a general office clerk position using an average resume is a common mistake that disqualifies many deserving candidates. The position of a general office clerk may sound ordinary but in reality, an office clerk plays a vital role in the functioning of any organization, and the vacancy is filled after a… Read More »

Operations Clerk Resume Sample

It goes without saying that companies can only work smoothly if their top executives are provided with the right kind of administrative and clerical staff. Operations clerks usually work with one or more executive by helping them handle everyday operational tasks. That may include answering telephones, greeting visitors, scheduling appointments and handling correspondence. While this… Read More »