General Office Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: March 23, 2021

Sending an application for a general office clerk position using an average resume is a common mistake that disqualifies many deserving candidates.

The position of a general office clerk may sound ordinary but in reality, an office clerk plays a vital role in the functioning of any organization, and the vacancy is filled after a great deal of thought by senior management.

The question arises, how do you make your resume shine instead of drowning in a lot of hundreds of competitors’ resumes, which also happen to be well written?

The gain extra attention, you need to walk an extra mile. Put in more effort and the results will be in your favor! Targeted resumes come in handy for clerical positions.

If you are able to pinpoint the very requirements of the hiring authority or the most important ones of those mentioned in the advertisement, you gain an edge over your competitors.

So research for the keywords and optimize your resume using the same. Conduct research on the prospective organization in order to determine their expectations from the General Office Clerk role.

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General Office Clerk Resume Example

Samantha Marshall
788 Peter Pan Sq, Austin, TX 54989
(000) 875-9860


Seasoned and energetic professional with a verifiable track record of organizing the smooth and uninterrupted flow of the office. Committed to delivering high-quality office support by performing a diverse range of secretarial and support tasks. Focused on improving the accuracy and quality of the work.

• Files management
• Accounting entries
• Documents’ auditing
• Data retrieval
• Correspondence handling
• Front desk management
• Automated filing system
• Interoffice communication
• Inventory management


General Office Clerk
IHI Inc., Austin, TX | 2017 – Present
• Complete all paperwork using the office filing system
• Retrieve and store data as per requirement
• Maintain office supplies inventory and issue timely acquisition demands
• Manage interoffice communications

Key Achievements
• Initiated an automated office supplies inventory that reduced manual computational effort by 50%
• Introduced and implemented digital board based interoffice communications system

Clerical Assistant
People First, Austin, TX
2007 – 2017
• Prepared federal express and other carrier packages using the office computer
• Performed photocopying, faxing, and documents printing when required
• Generated, recorded, and proofread various reports
• Operated all office machines including facsimiles, copiers, scanners, telephones, intercoms, and computer effectively

Key Achievements
• Retrieved very important documents expertly for the company after Windows crashed down

AS, Office Management
Austin College of Management, Austin, TX

• MS office suite
• Software-based data entry
• CIS and NFTS input screens

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