Court Bailiff Resume Sample

Updated March 16, 2021
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So, you have come up with a bailiff resume document and are now thinking of pitching it into the job market?

Well, a golden principle for resume writing is: ‘Write it till it’s right.’ Consider amending it?


The mailbox or inbox of a potential recruiter is probably being bombarded by many resumes daily.

Time is short for everybody these days; no one has the patience to screen through resumes and cream out the desired competencies.

A regular resume does not get noticed in today’s dynamic workplace.

You need to come up with something unique to catch the eye of your target employer. Do not settle for an average Bailiff resume at any cost!


Sample Resume for Court Bailiff Position


Jake Martin
560 heavenly Sq, Austin, TX 94553
(000) 222-5555
jake. martin @ email . com


Experienced courtroom Bailiff working in the law field for 9+ years. Thorough understanding of jury security protocols. Well-versed in confidential case handling, jury and convict escorting procedures, and scrutiny of chamber’s security provisions.

• Capable of maintaining absolute confidentiality of case records
• Well versed in operating communication radios including handheld and two-way sets
• Substantial knowledge of jury impaneling, general law office practices and case proceeding protocols
• Skilled in reviewing and serving properly filed and organized legal documents to the jury
• Practiced in handling detention equipment like handcuffs and shackles


Bailiff | 2012 – Present
Travis County, Austin, TX 
• Accompany the jury members outside the courtroom to avoid contact with the general public
• Ensure maintenance of order in the courtroom especially during hearings
• Scan all audience using metal detectors to rule out any possibility of weapon’s presence in the courtroom
• Maintain case testimony records in an authorized computer system and retrieve the same when needed

• Participated in various public awareness campaigns aimed at awareness regarding criminal court proceedings

Junior Court Bailiff | 2010 – 2012
Broward Sheriff’s Office, Austin, TX 
• Inspected the courtroom and judge’s chamber before and after court sessions and ensured proper security arrangements
• Escorted convicts and judges to and from the courtroom before and after court sessions
• Guarded the jury lodgings proficiently
• Communicated any need for medical assistance in the courtroom or chambers to the judicial administration’s emergency cell promptly

• Trained five new personnel in general bailiff tasks and courtroom protocols
• Made a difficult arrest of a threatening, mentally disturbed offender during a courtroom session courageously and efficiently

Peace Officer Certification
Current CPR and AED Certification

AS Degree in Criminal Justice 
GS University, Austin, TX

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