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Youth Counselor Interview Questions with Answers

Interviews scare us. The thought of failing when we are so close to being selected for a job can be overwhelming, especially during the interview procedure. Our senses are heightened and fear is a definite enemy. However, it is at this point that you need to stay calm and be responsive. Because if you lose… Read More »

Youth Counselor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Youth Counselor Job Description Times have changed dramatically and the effects of these changes are most prevalent in every young generation that grows out of the crop. Sometimes, these effects can be heartrending and extremely painful for both the individual and the family. To provide assistance in handling these issues, many facilities hire the services… Read More »

Youth Counselor Resume Sample & Guidelines

Guidelines The secret of a successful youth counselor’s resume is thoroughness. While some people may say at this point that you should leave the information on the resume sparse so that it is easily readable, that is perhaps the worst mistake that you can make. It is important to make your resume short containing only… Read More »

Youth Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Whatever you write in a cover letter, it has to be significant in terms of the information that it provides to the hiring authority. Standard cover letters never make good impressions as they tend to elicit the fact that you paid either very little or no attention to the task. If you didn’t spend time… Read More »